Mom And Daughter Leave Strangers Stunned When They Reveal Their 23-year Age Gap


Children can’t choose the family they are born into, but this fact gives them the foundation of their future and shapes their personalities. They often take after their parents, but sometimes they can look eerily similar.

Genes and Their Influence

The traits are passed from generation to generation, which is a fascinating topic for everyone, especially for thousands of genetic scientists. The pics of many parents with their children show that they look almost exactly the same.

DNA is the building block for all living things, responsible for everything about them, including the traits that make them different from one another. Genes are a powerful influencer in determining how people look like individuals and possibly even health predispositions for families across generations. They are located on the chromosomes, which carry the information that determines a person’s traits

Dominant Traits

Dominant traits are focused on only one copy of a dominant gene and express it, such as:

  • Brown eyes
  • Dimples
  • Cleft chin
  • Naturally curly hair
  • Shortness
  • Baldness

Recessive Traits

They are expressed outwardly; an individual must have two copies of a recessive gene: one from dad and one from mom. The examples of recessive traits are:

  • Grey, green, hazel, and blue eyes
  • Thin lips
  • Blonde hair
  • No freckles
  • Rounded hairline
  • Tallness

Even though the child’s traits come from his parents, his genome is also influenced by all the generations that came before them.

In many cases, mother and daughter are absolute equals, behaving more like sisters, and they even compete with each other. This is a way how the mother avoids actual motherhood, but they may reverse the roles, so a daughter takes on the supportive role and becomes the “mother” to her own mother.

How it affects the daughter?

Girls raised in that way are often more responsible and become leaders, valuing the boundaries between people.

Joleen (43) & Meilani (19)

This pair of mom and daughter have been constantly mistaken for sisters since they started posting their photos on social media, even though between them is a 23-year-old age difference. They practice an enviable relationship, spending quality time with each other. They shop, work out and travel together, and most at times, they just lay on the couch and talk.

Joleen Diaz keeps her skin appearing all youthful as her daughter by maintaining a good old fashion lifestyle, without or rare drinking alcohol, taking a lot of rest, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. Her ageless journey of this lifestyle has existed from the age of 12 succeedings in retaining her appearance to date

Meilani (19) has a strong bond with her mother that is the major reason she doesn’t get offended when people perceive her mother as her sister.

Joleen was proud that people are telling them they were sisters. She explains that this is a result because she was very young when she gave birth to her, so the difference in ages between them is no so big, so they could be sisters. By taking proper care of her skin, including every day washing the face in the morning and before going to bed she has managed to keep it youthful up to date.

When she was 12-year-old her mom used Mary Kay’s skin products and she would secretly use them. She is most satisfied by using Tretinoin known by many as Retin-A. She has been using it for a year now and that is a reason why her skin gets better and better.

Mom and Daughter Are Often Confused for Sisters – Watch the Video:


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