Mom Creates Seat Belt Covers To Warn Emergency Workers Of Children’s Health Issues


If a mother is concerned about her children’s safety, she can do breakthrough progress. A mother of five from Australia called Natalie Bell was worried about her daughters’ safety and what could happen if she needed help or was caught in an accident and people wouldn’t know how to respond to her medical condition. Being that concern, she invented seat belts with a personal cover that might be of much help for children with health issues. That way, first responders will know how to properly approach them.

Natalie owns an online business called Personalised by Nat, where she shows personalized creations to the world. More than half of her items are family-friendly. Her creation can be wrapped around the seat belt and it is very innovative. It is made so it can be easy to read from a distance or in poor light, especially because it has a white background and the letters are bold and large.

Natalie’s daughter wears a cochlear implant and in this case, she is not allowed to have an MRI. She imagines her daughter in a situation when she won’t be able to communicate with her rescuers and tell them she can’t have an MRI. But now she can finally be relived.  The seat belt can bring any kind of information for the host, such as medical or other information, that can tell the first responders how to react, especially when the child can’t talk.

The covers can be used in many ways, but most commonly they are used on seat belts or backpacks. Natalie Bell can design a personal cover for every other customer.

She designs covers for different medical conditions such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, and Diabetes. It can also contain information for the child’s speech impairments or if the child will resist help from unfamiliar people.

Medical bracelets can sometimes be unnoticeable when someone needs help. That’s why Natalie designed a seat belt cover, so when first responders come to the place of the accident, they will notice the cover and be cautious while helping the child. Every other information, like the blood group of the child, can also be added to the cover.

Her products are being sold for $15 on her website. The usual time to deliver a personalized cover takes up to 30 days, because of unusually high demand.

Natalie’s personal necessity inspired her to create this cover because she sensed her daughter’s vulnerability in case of an accident.


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