Mom Has First Baby at 50 After Trying for Over a Decade


A North Carolina woman gave birth to her first child at the age of 50 after fighting with infertility for years.

She said to Good Morning America: “I wasn’t married, then I become a wife, and now the thought of being a mother hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s really surreal”.

Susie Troxler and Tom Troxler are together for 13 years. They’ve been trying to have a baby ever since.

“Geriatric Pregnancy”

Due to Susie’s age, what she and Tom were dealing was “Geriatric Pregnancy”. This classifies anyone who has or is looking to have a child over the age of 35. If you’re 35 or older and haven’t had kids yet, don’t let the term scare you.

However the risk of infertility increases. Susie says their doctors have always been nice but honest to them about the reality of trying to have a child at their age.

Despite their difficulties, Ms. Troxler never used fertility clinics because she was unaware of the options available to women struggling to conceive.


When five turned into eight, without a positive pregnancy test, Susie says the couple began to wonder why they hadn’t conceived. During a routine OB-GYN visit, Susie raised her concerns with her doctor, who referred her to the Carolinas Fertility Institute in Greensboro.

It turns out she was dealing with fibroids. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus, according to the Mayo Clinic. Susie was also diagnosed with endometriosis. It’s a painful gynecologic condition in which endometrial-like tissue grows outside of the uterus.

Tom also had medical issues that affected the couple’s chances of conceiving.

“In January 2019 I went through fibroid surgery, followed by the healing process. After that, they collected egg after egg. I had multiple rounds of egg retrieval and egg insemination and nothing helped. Nothing, nothing, nothing,” recalls Susie.

The couple then turned to egg donation. Only two embryos left which were their last two chances. The first did not take. Finally, by some kind of miracle, the second did it.

Finally parents

The couple were delighted to have finally succeeded in conceiving a baby. On September 29, 2021, Susie and Tom became parents of a beautiful baby girl, at the age of 50 and 61 respectively.

They have been parents for two months now, and although Susie admits the couple don’t sleep very good, she is enjoying every second of it.


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