Morning Yoga Home Workout, Which Can Help You Reduce Tummy


Every yoga instructor has a lot of positive energy even in the mornings so you’re probably wondering why. Yoga is the answer to that wonder because it will give you great benefits from focus, behavior, attention span, mood, and energy.

A certified yoga instructor, Brett Larkin, shares his fifteen-minute yoga workout which gives you many benefits. It keeps your body balanced, soothes your mind, and gives you additional flexibility and energy throughout the day.

The workout will help you reduce fat as well very effectively.

Do the exercises early in the morning so you’ll feel its benefits in the day. Just wake up and go to your mat and begin the exercises.

  1. Standing Forward Bend

  • Start standing straight and keep your hands on the hip with your feet wide as the shoulder.
  • Bend over keeping your glutes straight from the core down. Bend over towards your leg, keeping a position parallel to the floor. Your arms need to be kept on your hips.
  • Move your hands toward the ground putting them on the floor next to your feet.
  • Push your hands behind your feet and move your head to your knees, keeping your feet straight like you’re trying to fold towards them.
  1. Dolphin Pose

  • Go on the floor on all fours and keep your hips and hands above the knees.
  • Your arms need to be parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart. Lower your forearms to the ground one at a time and press them and the palms on the mat.
  • Start by exhaling and curling your toes under the feet. Lift your hips. By bending the knees slightly and lengthening your spine, move the tailbone up from the pelvis and shorten your chest. Your core needs to be engaged while extending the legs.
  • Keep your forearms pressed down and fix your shoulders against your back.
  • Stay at this position for 30 seconds to a minute. After, exhale and lower your knees down the floor.
  1. Cat Pose

  • Make a tabletop position by putting your hands and knees on the ground. Do this by placing your knees down and keeping the upper legs above the knees 90 degrees from the ground. Your upper body needs to be parallel to the ground with your palms pressing on the ground and your shoulders back. Your head needs to be in a neutral position watching the floor.
  • While exhaling, push your spine back making a round surface on the back towards the ceiling. Your shoulders and knees need to stay locked in position. Move your head to the mat, however, don’t force your chest to your chest.
  • Come back to the original position while inhaling.
  1. Bow Pose

  • Lie down on your stomach with hands next to the torso and keeping your palms up. While exhaling, bend your knees and bring your heels close as possible to your buttocks. Take your hands and put them behind and start holding your ankles but not the top of the feet. Your knees need to be less wide than your hips and keep the position for the duration of the pose.
  • Inhale and lift your heels away from your butt. Simultaneously, move your thighs from the floor. This will lift your upper torso and head away from the floor. Place your tailbone toward the floor while keeping your back muscles soft. As you’re lifting your tights and heels higher, have your shoulder blades pressed against your back opening your heart. The top of your shoulders need to be away from the ears and your eyes forward.
  • Breathing might be hard with your stomach pressed on the floor. However, you can breathe more in the back of the torso. Don’t stop breathing.
  • You can stay in this pose 20-30 seconds. After that, exhale and lie down for a few minutes. Repeat this movement once or twice.
  1. Spinal Twist

  • Put your body in a supine position. Bend the knee from this position and cross it outside from the other foot.
  • Put slight pressure with your hand on the bent knee and push it toward the ground.
  • Both of your shoulders need to be squared and fixed to the earth.
  • Your opposite hand needs to be extended and your gaze should be toward the hand. If you want a deeper stretch you can start with straightening the bent leg.
  1. Bridge

  • Lie on the floor and place a thickly folded blanket underneath the shoulders so your neck is protected. Bend your knees and your feet on the floor with your heels close to the sitting bones.
  • Press your inner feet and arms on the floor while exhaling and push your tailbone toward the pubis. This will firm your buttocks, however, make sure it isn’t hardening. Lift the buttocks off the floor. Your tights and inner feet need to be kept parallel. Hook your hands under your pelvis and extend through your arms. This will allow you to stay on the tops of your shoulders.
  • Lift your butt till your tights become parallel to the floor. Push your knees forwards from the hips but keep them directly over the heels. Simultaneously, lengthen the tailbone to the back of the knees. Lift your pubis to the navel.
  • You’ll need to move your chin away from the sternum and press the top of the sternum toward the chin while your shoulders are firm against your back. Have your outer arms firm and your shoulder blades broaden while trying to lift the space between them at the neck up in the torso.
  • Stay in this position up to a minute and while you’re releasing, exhale and roll the spine down on the floor.
  1. Roll-ups

  • Lie down on your back in a supine position with your knees bent toward the chest.
  • Wrap the arms around the knees with your chin pushed into the sternum. Gaze inward.
  • Roll up to a sitting position.
  • Hold your spine round and roll back.
  1. Corpse

  • Rest your body on the earth in a supine position keeping your arms resting on the side of the body.
  • Open the palms relaxed and open, facing the ceiling. Pull your shoulder blades back, down, and rolled under comfortably while they rest on the floor.
  • Extend your legs and splay them open. Keep your heels in and your toes flopped out.
  • Close your eyes, relax, and gaze inward.
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