Mother Wanted ‘Worry-Free’ Birth So She Delivered Baby In The Pacific Ocean


One mother decided that a conventional birth in a hospital was not for her and her and her soon-to-be-born baby. She wanted a “worry-free” experience so, she went to a beach on the pacific ocean where she brought her child into this world in and amongst the waves. Many people who have read her story online have commented their concerns for the baby’s health. They say it’s unsanitary, but mother says it was the ideal birth.

Josi Peukert giving birth to her baby boy in the Pacific ocean.

Josy Peukert is a 37-year-old woman who was about to give birth to her baby. She decided on the place of birth. But, it was a little further from the conventional ways that our modern world is accustomed to. The arrival day came, so Josy took a trip with her partner, Benni Cornelius, aged 42. They went to Paya Majagual in Nicaragua. She wanted her baby to be born in the ocean, and that’s exactly what she did. Her story has since gone viral, after she posted about it on Instagram.

Giving birth is notoriously painful, especially without any of the numbing drugs that so many mothers opt for in today’s age. Josy might have looked like she was in pain. But, she attests to the power of the ocean, claiming it soothed the aches of her contractions.

“The waves had the same rhythm as the contractions, that smooth flow made me feel really good,” Josy explained. “I got this idea in my head I wanted to give birth in the ocean and because the conditions were right on the day that’s what I did.“

Josy sat in the ocean, with the waves lapping at her back. She gave birth to her baby boy, named Bhodi Amor Ocean. Both mother and baby were healthy.

Her first birth was “traumatic“

Josy is now the mother of three healthy children. Her decision to give birth to him out in nature, and away from any clinics was based on her past experiences with births. She claims that her first child was born in a clinic, and that was a traumatic event for both of them. She decided on a home birth for her second child. But, by the time her third came, she knew she wanted to do it alone.

“I wanted to be worry-free for once,” she said. “My first birth was traumatic in a clinic, and my second birth was a home birth but by the third, even a midwife in my home was too much.”

Josy revealed that her “worry-free” birth also included a worry-free pregnancy. She had no scans, or doctor appointments, nor did they have a due date planned for him. They had faith and trust in her maternal instincts, and that Bhodi would arrive safely on his own terms.

“This time I had no doctor’s appointments or scans or outside influence. We didn’t have a due date or deadline for the baby to arrive. We just trusted that our baby would make its way.”

She continued to explain: “I had no fears or worries to welcome a new little soul into our lives, just me, my partner, and the waves. It was beautiful. The soft volcanic sand under me reminded me there is nothing else between heaven and earth just life.”

Her story went viral!

The video she posted, under her Instagram, handle @raggapunzel has been viewed over 200,000 times. Many many people commented to share either their disgust over her choice, or their respect. One person commented:“What a shock for that bubba – from a warm womb to the cold ocean.” And, another said: “Is this sanitary? There’s a lot of bacteria in the sea.”

“Bodhi was born in the midday sun when it was about 35 degrees, we weren’t worried at all that he’d be cold and I had no concerns about waterborne infections. He is perfectly healthy.”

In conclusion, she added: “For me and this baby, I wanted to feel completely connected by my own self-directed care. This pregnancy was the greatest gift we could have imagined and wished for.”

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