Mum Goes On Taken-Style Mission And Hunts Down 10 Involved In Daughter’s Murder One-By-One


The love of a mother is maybe the most powerful force known to humanity. And here we have an amazing example to prove that.

For years, a mother whose daughter was abducted and later on murdered by a Mexican drug cartel, restlessly stalked and hunted down the kidnappers of her child. This mission turned out to be extremely risky – and eventually deadly.

It was almost like watching the 2008 film Taken happening in real life with a female lead character instead of Liam Neeson.

When her 20-year-old daughter, Karen Alejandra Salinas Rodríguez, vanished, Miriam Rodriguez’s dreadful, but extremely powerful mission began. Miriam soon received ransom demands from the captors of her daughter, who demanded money in return for her freedom.

But the young woman was never safely returned. Instead in 2014, her body was found on an abandoned ranch.

Initially, Miriam turned to a gang member to ask for the safe return of her daughter. He said that she was not in his cartel, but that they would help in the hunt for a fee.

How did she succeed?

Miriam charged the charge, but by chance, when the two were talking, she heard his name, Sama, uttered on the radio.

Equipped with the new knowledge, the journey had officially begun for Miriam. She started with social media, looking up his name and everything about him.

Two hours away in the city of Ciudad Victoria, she ended up zoning in on the profile of someone she knew and was able to decide his location, an ice cream store.

The 56-year-old desperate woman allegedly stalked the ice cream shop for weeks before the right guy turned up. She then accompanied Sama back to his house, pretending to be an election official, to collect more details while questioning his neighbors.

Miriam then started to track other people involved in the murder of her daughter, changing her appearance and persona to better penetrate the Zeta cartel. She was making transformations that you only expect to see in a high-end Hollywood production.

This amazing mother even had the guts to point a pistol at one of the mafia guys with the warning: ‘If you move, I’ll shoot you.’ She cornered the man in the alley while doing this.

Miriam managed to do an amazing job, she managed to gather almost everyone responsible for her daughter’s death. Without any hesitation, she gave all of them up to the mercy of the police. There were 10 Zeta cartel members in total that got arrested in the end.

The efforts of Miriam to avenge the death of her daughter ultimately led, however, to her own death. They shot her 12 times right outside of her house, on Mother’s Day in 2017, to make the irony even greater.

Right next to the driveway, her husband found her body with her hand inside her purse, next to her pistol.



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