Mum Shares Hilarious Results Using Bra For Makeshift Mask


With the corona outbreak happening, people are trying to protect themselves any way they can. Washing hands regularly, buying hand sanitizers, self-isolating, and wearing masks are just a few things that people around the world do for protection. However, since everyone is trying to buy them, a shortage of masks has been happening throughout the world. Since then, there have been many online trends on how to make a homemade mask in different ways.

Gemma Harman, a 40-year-old mother of one and an NHS administrator, saw one of those online trends about how to make a mask from old bras.

The way the mask is made is by fastening one cup over the mouth and nose and placing it in position by using the bra straps.

Gemma admits that she is not young or thin as the rest of the women that are doing the trend. However, she still wanted to participate in the challenge and wanted to show the world how this might look for someone that has a curvier figure. She used one of her bras with 42 FF size to make the mask.

After she tried to put one cup over her face, Gemma realized that this wasn’t going to work as well as the other girls that have smaller breasts.

The bra-masks that went viral only covered the mouth and nose area of the women. However, in Gemma’s case, her homemade mask covered the entirety of her head.

Because she couldn’t see the hilarious result of her craft, she had to ask her husband Steve Harman (aged 45) to take a picture. Gemma found the pictures comical and she had to post them on her Facebook page.

Gemma stated that all of the women that she saw wearing the bra-masks were “very slender young women and their masks fit beautifully – nice and tidy over their noses and mouths.

I don’t think most women would be able to make their bra fit them so well as a face mask. I wondered what would happen if I tried,” she added.

Gemma admits that she is not thin nor young and that she already knew the outcome before she made it. However, she still wanted to try the trend and see for herself.

She added that the mask would save her from anything because nothing can get through from it. However, she admits that it could cause a problem especially since she cannot see a thing wearing it.

Sadly, because of the quarantine, “I won’t be getting to try it out on the street,” she said. “Because I couldn’t see, I had to get my husband to take photos of me. He couldn’t believe he was taking photos of me with a bra over my head. When I posted them on Facebook, he had this look on his face as if to say, ‘Here she goes again’. Steve is very sensible but I never take life too seriously, and I’m always taking the mick out of myself.”

The real reason why Gemma posted the pictures online is that she knew that the silliness of it would bring a laugh to some of her closest friends. However, she did not expect that the pictures she posted would get so much attention. At the time of writing, the post had more than 6,000 shares.

It began with her friends commenting and asking her if they could share the pictures with their other friends. She later made the post public and since then, more people started seeing the pictures.

Gemma said that she was relieved that “the bra covered my head because I had no makeup on and my hair was in a mum bun. I’m quite made up that my no-makeup mum bun face didn’t go viral,” she added. 

Gemma is glad that the pictures ended up humoring a lot of people. Bringing joy to people all over the world feels amazing and she experienced it. With awful moments like this, everyone needs something that will give us a laugh.

Even though right now it’s a bad time to make jokes, Gemma stated that the situation right now should not “let it get you down so I’m trying to stay positive and keep cracking jokes.”

Currently, Gemma is in self-isolation as she is one of the more vulnerable people to the virus due to her diabetes.


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