These Twins Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet! Probably Still Think They’re In The Womb


Newborn twins hug each other while they are washed in a post-birth bath. As it is shown in a YouTube video, they cannot separate from each other like they are still in their mother’s womb. This kind of bathing is called Thalasso baby bath and it describes what life might look like in the womb. First, they fill a sink with water and wrap around the arms of the little ones around each other. They are held by an adult, while they hug each other tightly. They are very serene and content, while the water streams over their bodies and faces.

People couldn’t resist the cuteness of the video. Therefore, in 2013, TODAY Moms reported that the babies enjoyed the bath, despite being only a few days old. They are a boy and a girl, but the mother didn’t want to share their names.

What Is A Thalasso Baby Bath?

Being pregnant and giving birth are the most amazing things a woman can experience. Yet, for the newborn, it is a sudden and shocking change crossing from the womb to the outside world. For the parents, the carriage for a new life is overwhelming, yet filled with joyful moments.

Sonia Rochel, a nurse from France, developed this Thalasso baby bath. The meaning of this bath is to soothe the baby’s entry to the world. Also, it will teach the parents how to take a proper bath and that it isn’t as scary as they seem to think.

The nurse learned and developed this technique after working for many years at the Clinique de Muette in France. She gives newborns a warm bath while the water gently flows over their heads and eyes. For 15 minutes, she massages the babies without using any gels, soaps, or creams. As these conditions mimic the womb, the little ones will feel more relaxed.

During the technique, water is allowed to flow over their eyes and face, while their nose and mouth are above the water. It is not as scary as it seems, as Rochel is trained to do this technique. She warns parents not to try doing this at home. The advice she will give to new parents is to slow down during bath time to make it more like a restorative nighttime routine.

Like other nurses that are thought to give a short bath after birth, she also trained this method. For a long time, she was wondering why babies are crying in the water.  Parents always try to make everything right for their babies, and yet, they are still crying. Why is it so hard for the little ones? Bun, an idea came to her while she was taking a shower and thought about how she enjoyed the warm water flowing through her face. So, she thought, how will a baby react if water streamed on their faces?

She first tried to massage the babies with running water and realized they moved similar as if they were in a womb. Rochel thinks babies need to be reminded of the life they had in the womb before they were born. While performing the technique, she puts on music, which relaxes the babies even more. After the bath is done, they are no longer crying like they used to.

In Quebec, Canada, certified professionals perform this technique.


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