No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn YOU Into A TREE When You Die


Everyone you know has lost someone over the years. That is life- full of overwhelming moments. When it comes to death, no one is fully prepared to face it. We mourn, feel sad, but on the other hand, we have to accept death as a natural process. From the tiniest cells in our body to humans, animals, nature, even stars- everyone and everything faces death. Around the world, people have a different opinion when it comes to death and burying. That deepens on the tradition and rites deeply tied to the nation. But we all have to agree that the green space is getting smaller and smaller, and the practice of burial becomes challenging. That’s why it is not surprising that entrepreneurs are making new plans for funeral proceedings.

The Creation Of Burial Pods

Despite the known ways of burial, there is a new, different method even though burial pods still require a place to be laid underground. The difference is, it transforms the body into a tree.

The Italian founders of the project, Anna Citelli, and Raoul Bretzel, wanted to invent a new way of approaching burials and cemeteries, which would be improved at the same time. Just like nature’s cycle of transformation, they constructed the biodegradable pods.

They Are Made To Become A Tree

When you realize, the idea of becoming a tree after death is somehow comforting. The remains of the body will be used as nutrients to nurture the newly grown three and it is quite beautiful when one life transforms into another.

In the organic burial pods, bodies are placed in a fetal position. Three seeds or a tree is planted after the body is placed in the ground. It is a meaningful process, as they allow you to choose which tree to be planted in your memory.

They explain from Capsula Mundi: “Rigor mortis arises at different times for each individual and has a duration of a few hours. After rigor mortis passes, the body will again become soft and malleable. Once the body is laid within the Capsula, it will be planted in the earth like a seed.”

Starch Plastic Is Used For Organic Burial Pods

To help the natural decomposition process, they use starch plastic. When the process continues, the starch plastic transforms into minerals. Then the minerals are offered to vegetative organisms to nurture the tree. Although cemeteries are thought to be depressing and the least enjoyable places to be, they can easily become forests. And that’s the most inspired aspect of the whole process. Now people will visit the loved ones in green parks that will help maintain our planet, instead of feeling mournful among fields of tombstones.

In the U.S. and England, these “memory forests” are becoming popular. It is left for the loved ones to continue to care for the tree and the person in which memory it grew.

For the ashes, Capsula Mundi offers urns. You can place your loved one in your property or wherever you wish. You can also plant the urn and the tree in the same way, which is very thoughtful.


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