Nursery BANS Girl, Because Her Deformed Skull “Might Scare Other Children”


Sofya Zakharova from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, was born with a skull deformity and she has fused together fingers and toes.

When her parents tried to enroll two – years old girl in the nursery they were told by the nursery staff that she would need to get surgery before she could be allowed a place.

The parents are desperately trying to get her an operation, but the experts, who are willing to see the proper her development strongly warn and support her interaction with other children her age.

Her father Rasul and mother Svetlana Gizatullina live in a house in the village of Alatany in very poor conditions, with no running water and no central heating.

Reporting this case to the officials caused a detailed investigation about the staff of nursery, trying to find who refused the little girl and why she has not been offered the appropriate medical care.

According to the interview of the Educational Psychologist Ekaterina Belan given to the reporters in the area, Sofya needs an immediate environment in which she will experience interactions. It will be easier for her to cope with the conditions in which she lives and grows.

Ekaterina explains: “The more interactions she gets, the easier it will be for her to accept herself for who she is.”

Her parents claim that even though this child’s case was taken up by a local charity called ‘Rainbow of Goodness’, the school still refused to give her a place before seeing her as an ordinary child.

Trying to help in this case, the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov ordered officials to visit the family and authorities to find an apartment and prove the family normal conditions of living, so they will not spend winter in a cold house.

He said: “I understand that if it were not for the intervention of the charitable foundation, there would have been no meetings on this and no relocation. It’s already clear that the rights of the child and parents are violated, and there will now be an appropriate legal assessment.”

His interest in the case is raised to that distance, that he would personally follow the fate of the girl to make sure it stayed on track.

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