Octopus Escapes Aquarium Through 160-Foot Drainpipe Into the Sea


Determined to find his way to freedom, Inky – a common New Zealand octopus – found it after accidentally opening the tank lid slightly open. This happened in the middle of the night after an employee apparently left the lid on the octopus tank slightly open without suspecting that something like this could happen.

According to the aquarium staff, Inky took the opportunity to climb over the top of his glass case, sliding down the side of the tank through the 8-meter-high floors to the drainage pipe. Fortunately, that drainage pipe took him straight to the ocean.

This is really startling that a boneless cephalopod could punch a football-sized head (more than 160 feet) through a pipeline less than 6 inches in diameter.

Aquarist from the Marine Biological Association of England, Alix Harvey told the New York Times that octopuses are fantastic escape artists.

She adds that they “are programmed to hunt prey at night and have a natural tendency to move at night.”

The research about octopus confirms that they have a complex brain and excellent eyesight, but they also have the ability to learn and form mental maps.

Thanks to the soft bodies they are able to fit into extremely small spaces, and it has been filmed that they can squeeze through the size of the gaps of coins.

There are many examples of the strange feats of the octopus, such as one at the Island Bay marine education center in Wellington, where an octopus had the habit of visiting another tank overnight to steal crabs, then it was returning to its own tank.

Another example is at the center, Ozymandias, where the octopus was thought to have broken a world record for opening a jar before being it was released into the ocean.

Due to the escape of the octopus, the aquarium does not plan to increase security because everyone is aware of what they can actually do.

The aquarium staff doesn’t even look for an active substitute for Inky, but if one fisherman brings in another octopus, they would love to use it.

One of the aquarium’s servants even says, “You never know. There is always a chance that Inky will come home to us.”




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