Oil Slick Hair Is the Most Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Color Trend For Dark Hair


If you are ready for something new, in the desire to enhance your color, with this treatment with the smooth hair color you can make a rainbow in your hair, especially if you are a brunette. You can put greens, blues, purple, and holes through all the lush bows.

This trend of hair coloring, which exists from 2015, is inspired by the rainbow colors that can be seen in the oil, which happens when the oil reaches the water. The effect can be seen on a smaller scale (in a puddle) and on a larger scale as if the ocean was pouring.

This hairstyle only works on a colorful look with no negative effects.

There is also a new color technique for darker strands that makes hair look radiant, but this elegant trend of winter beauty has nothing to do with real grease.

Oil slick color is a style that blends darker hair with a mixture of dark blue, purple and green tones, giving it an iridescent look. The glitter effect comes from mixing darker shades rather than ultra-pale ones and the effect is a darker color spectrum, all with a bit of an edge that looks well combined with the dark roots.

What characterizes this technique is that the smooth hair is highlighted with oil, which is generally cooler (i.e., blond, green, purple, etc.) and with a hint of warm color (i.e. pink). All these colors are applied to dark hair, like oil stains. The goal of hair dyeing is that when there is no light, it looks dark, and in certain light conditions, it shines in the light, like black oil.

The creator of the new hair look, and famed colorist Jason Hogan, told Glamor to add color in layers while working to maintain the integrity of the condition and hair color.


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