On Valentine’s Day, Man Brings Roses to Hundreds of Widows, Single Women and Military Spouses


As for many Valentine’s Day is a day of chocolate, sumptuous dinners, dazzling romance, and deep affection, for singles, it can be a day of deep loneliness, and hyper-awareness of solo status.

Realizing the plight of local widows, single women and wives or girlfriends of deployed service members, 29-year-old Seth Stewart has been conducting the mission for the past eight years, giving them flowers.

Eight years back, Stewart and his brothers get up very early every morning for Valentine’s Day to deliver between 400 and 500 women, and this year the figure will increase to about 700.

According to Stewart Service – Called Rose Rush Delivery has great success. For KHQ he stated:

“Last year we had one lady, she broke down sobbing, she hugged me for about half a minute. Her husband had passed away in the last year, and she just thought that she was by herself.”

Stewart has made a list of single women and single mothers in his region, which is updated annually, and in order to mark Valentine’s Day, he is seeking followers of his Facebook page to continue nominating single women who should be honored and given a rose.

Single woman Sarah Jean Meddock was pleasantly surprised to visit Rose Rush for Valentine’s Day “a holiday [when] people tend to forget the bad times.”

She explained the situation when suddenly this handsome cowboy came walking in with a rose. She couldn’t imagine what happens, but later she realized that literally it set the tone for her whole entire day. She, also added that it changed her entire Valentine’s Day.

She points out that even with such little attention, a small gesture can completely change the tone of everyone’s day.

Increasing the target from 500 to delivering 700 roses is not easy, but Stewart is convinced that they can deliver many more roses in the coming years. He relies on a GoFundMe page to collect these roses, but when he doesn’t have enough donations he is ready to pay out of pocket.

Here is what he told CNN:

“Every single year we do this, there are always one or two women who break down sobbing because it means so much to them.”


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