One Forehead Kiss Is Better Than A Thousand Kisses On The Lips – No Lust And Full Of Respect


People never kiss without meaning or intention, and it is a process of testing closeness with a partner or someone close.

There are several types of kisses, such as kissing on the cheek, on the ear, on the forehead, Inuit, French, surprise kiss, and a gentle and long kiss, based on how one expresses closeness to a kiss. Which of these types of kisses is implemented, can help the partner to make their own judgment.

We’re going to talk about kisses on the forehead, which are much more personal than most people realize. They make people really connected and amazing, for many reasons.

They can and do mean a lot of different things, and that meaning really shines when the act itself happens. The kisses on the forehead are more personal but in such a different way.

Forehead kisses can be applied by anyone, could be between a couple, mother and daughter, friend to friend and anyone else in the world. They are not completely reserved for mere romantic relationships and are much more than people realize.

Below we will list 8 reasons why kissing should always be done on the forehead, so it will give more reason for everyone to kiss someone they love in the forehead.

  1. Shows adoration

This kiss is a physical connection between two people. It can mean, “I think you’re great,” or “you’re perfect,” and anything else in between, which is a big boost for most people.

  1. Represents a Very Emotional Connection

This kiss really shows that you are connected and you don’t have to be overtly sexual. Emotional connection is the most important thing in the relationship and it pushes the confirmation even further so that a kiss could overwhelm your tummy.

  1. It shows appreciation

When someone kisses your forehead, it may mean that he/she appreciates you. This can happen when you tell someone that you have done something for him and he gets excited and kisses your forehead. This may be one of the best possible answers for someone who has done something right.

  1. It makes you feel loved

Most people love kisses on the forehead because in some ways it makes them feel really safe and cared for. It sends the great message that the person who loves you in the forehead is really with you in every way possible.

  1. It shows affection

It’s the right way to show love in public without attracting attention. That way, someone reminds you how important you are to him. In this situation, no one is ashamed and everyone leaves with a smile.

  1. It is a form of ‘silent’ communication

Depending on the situation, kisses to the forehead mean more than words can say. That way people can communicate without speaking. When this happens, without anyone telling you, you know exactly what he/she is telling you.

  1. Forehead kissing means kissing the window to your soul

The third eye chakra is located at the forefront, the place where people most often kiss. This means that when we kiss someone on the forehead, we actually kiss him in the third eye chakra, or whatever it is called the seat of the soul.

  1. It shows that they’re thinking of you

When it happens that someone comes up out of the blue or even your partner rolls over in bed and gives you a good morning kiss on the forehead that is a sign which shows true care about you and really thinking of you. That can tell you that someone took time out of his/her day to make sure you felt cared for.


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