Only 1 in 10 Can See the Animal in This Magic Eye Picture, Can You?


Many people can see these images right away, but others take the time or never witness one of the coolest optical illusions ever made – stereograms. Stereograms are two-dimensional pictures that when deeply looking at it can create three-dimensional images.

If you are a 90’s child you had the chance to see the hidden message behind these images. And you definitely felt superior when your parents couldn’t see what you were seeing.

Have you ever thought about how are they made and how can some people see the 3D images and some can’t?

Some stereograms can be viewed cross-eyed. Others like the ones published in Magic Eye Books are made to be viewed divergently. So, what you should do if you are looking at an image from Magic Eye Books, is to look right through it. You will be surprised by the results.

All you have to do is look at a spot beyond the image presented. Many people will be amazed at how the eyes are doing the magic naturally without an effort. Others that cannot see the 3D image need to seek for the guides at the top of the picture to direct them on where to look.

You should try and see if your eye catches the right image:


These are the animals you should see:

  1. Donkey
  2. Rabbit
  3. Tiger
  4. Butterfly
  5. Duck
  6. Dolphins
  7. Dinosaur

If you didn’t see some of the images try relaxing your eyes. Focus on a point behind the screen.

The main goal of these images is to trick the brain into thinking it’s looking at a 3D screen. You won’t get a different perspective on the scene if you are moving your head from side to side – it will simply translate oddly.


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