Only 5% Of People Can Find The Odd One Out From These Pictures


If you are a fan of quizzes, then you’ll definitely like this one. The instructions seem pretty easy: find the odd one out from all of the photographs in just 30 seconds. The difficulty of the quiz is not to test your eyesight but your processing speed. If you have a good mind to eye coordination, you’ll probably ace this quiz.

Set a timer to 30 seconds and start the test. Make sure you don’t scroll down to the answers before taking the test. Here are the pictures:

Testing Phase

If you were able to find all of the odds from the photos in under 30 seconds, congrats! You have a great mind to eye coordination and belong to the 5% of people who did it. If you didn’t get them right then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. You can also start all over and try to find them all.

Using every part of our brain is crucial for our health because, with aging, the mind is slowly getting worse. The University of Exeter and Kings College London made a research on brain teasers and proved that they can make your brain 10 years younger. In the research, 17,000 participants were observed and proved that processing tasks and quizzes can help the brain perform better, especially with practice. The researchers proved that it can help against cognitive decline.

What’s interesting about eye coordination is that both eyes see different images. The brain is the one that processes these images and fuses them into a three-dimensional picture. Having good eye coordination will keep the eyes in proper alignment. The people that have poor eye coordination can have it from a lack of adequate vision development or improperly developed eye muscle control. Even though it’s rare, some kind of disease or injury can also be the result of poor eye coordination.

Getting both your eyes coordinated have to train their eyes to have it. It’s a great skill that can help with many different real-life problems.

Now that we’re done with that, here are the answers to the ‘odd ones’ puzzle. Remember, don’t cheat and try the test yourself to see if you have good eye coordination.



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