Original Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed to Create a Fashionably Old-Fashioned Mini Bike!


Every 90’s kid remembers the game of Punch Buggy played with their family members during a long road trip. And many 90’s kids’ parents’ cannot forget the fights and how they tried to calm down them when they were fighting over the rules or one of the kid hit the other way to hard.

Even though many will debate over the rules of the game, one thing stays the same- the structure of these German-made cars’ bubble-like that was epochal. Sadly for many, the production of the original-made cars stopped in 2003, one supporter of the brand started to repurpose parts of the old fashion cars into unique adorable scooters.

Fun fact: car sales in the US ended after 1980.

The VW Mini Bike

Brent Walter calls himself a self-proclaimed “maker and builder of a variety of things” and he is the one who created the “Volkspod”. He created the Volkspod by welding the fenders from all four corners of old VW Beetles together. He added the rear taillights from the original car and also wide bicycle-type handlebars so that the rider can hold onto. There impressive new creations can go up to 25 miles per hour, as they have a 3 horsepower engine. And that’s surprisingly fast for a simple-made scooter.

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These bikes even have the same bulbous shape that we are used to seeing from the Volkswagen Bug line. And the creator also added all the small details from the car. You can notice the classic Volkswagen crest on the step that will help you get in, on the front of the bike, and the engine is the same too.

These unique little bikes are not too safe to be driven on a highway or for a long trip. But if you are feeling yourself on a sunny day, it is the best option to take it out from the garage and do a leisurely tour of the neighborhood. Follow Brent’s Instagram profile to find out more about how these bikes were made, and therefore you can also learn to make on your own!

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