Over 110 Million Trees Were Planted In 2 Days By 2.5 Million Volunteers, Record Breaking Reforestation


Even though the world seeks to slow the pace of climate change and preserve the wildlife, the mass destruction of trees (deforestation), continues in many parts of the planet. As the people need trees for a variety of reasons, a trend scientists are calling to meet goals set in the Paris Agreement in 2015.

At that conference, India had announced the plan of making India green again. That plan is based on the pledge to increase forest to 95 million hectares (235 million acres) by the year 2030. They are planning to put $6.2 billion towards that effort and the goal to raise the awareness for the importance of this mass-planting event.

They started their activities immediately after the conference and in 2016, the state of Uttar Pradesh’s had set the Guinness World Record of reforestation. That event was covered by almost 1 million participants, who planted 50 million trees in 24 hours. Next year, the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh set a new one, and 1.5 million volunteers planted over 66 million trees in just 12 hours along the Narmada River.

This campaign was led by the government, and they decided to plant in 24 districts of the Narmada River basin. They called for volunteers and included children and elderly people.

The state’s chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan described this event as a “historic day,” because there were planted over 20 different species of trees and 66 million trees. He added in a tweet: “By planting trees we are not only serving Madhya Pradesh but the world at large.” According to him, this state took a concrete step to deal with global warming and climate change. He, also explained that they will continue to plant on a catchment area as Narmada banks would not be able to accommodate so many trees.

However, after the US withdrew from the deal, India is not committed to the Paris climate, even though, the country is the world’s third-largest generator of carbon emissions. At a joint press conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the protection of the environment and the mother planet is an article of faith.

Other states in India take such initiatives as Madhya Pradesh took, and recently, Kerala had planted over 10 million trees in 24 hours, and Maharashtra involves planting 40 million trees.

The authorities of these states have confidence that these planting programs would help reverse the damaging effects of climate change. It will also improve air quality by having the trees absorb greenhouse gasses from the surrounding air, which is very important for India, as 6 of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world are right there.

Besides planting, the government organized monitoring of all the planted trees and checking which trees are doing the best and which ones need assistance. Every mass planting plan has involved upkeep so that the trees receive the proper maintenance and water.

On the other hand, even the efforts like these are of great help, in reality, billions of trees are cut down annually. According to the World Bank, between 1990 and 2016, the world lost 502,000 square miles (1.3 million square kilometers) of the forest.

The statistics of the United Nations shows that deforestation and forest degradation make up 17 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. They registered that the planet loses 15 billion trees annually and much of it is cleared for farmland to feed the world’s booming population. This is one of the biggest factors of aggravating climate change.

To green up the world, everyone needs to do his/her best. If all people are included in planting one tree on the same day, any Guinness World Record will be beat!

The appeal of the greens:

Do not wait, and plant a tree whenever you can!





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