Paramedic Breaks Down In Tears As Entire Street Applauds Her On Her Way To Work


Most people recognize which group of people are most committed to fighting COVID-19 and in many ways give them greetings. Everyone knows the heroic exploits of frontline health workers while others are advised to stay home.

This is what happened to Teyla Porter, 22, who, on her way to work outside her home, was greeted with loud applause from her neighbors.

The gesture caused tears in her eyes as well as that of her family members. She was also gifted a box of chocolate and homemade cakes in blessing.

Her sister, Ali, said “we barely know anyone on our street. You see each other daily, but you don’t know each other’s names. “

There was a round of applause as she walked down the street until she crossed to the next street.

Such procedures have been implemented across the country, and applause is scheduled for health workers in their neighborhoods. People briefly went outside their homes to thank those who work every day and to make sure everyone is safe.

All healthcare professionals, such as Teyla, deserve the utmost appreciation of everyone else, so we urge you to be able to gesture or donate any medical supplies you own at home that can be used to defeat COVID-19 together.



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