Pedal Through The Redwood Forest In Northern California For The Ultimate Fall Outing


Many unused and most of the time forgotten railways have become one of the most visited places from the people who enjoy spending their spare time in nature. Rail biking gives to a rider an opportunity to enjoy the landscape from a completely different perspective. It can be an unforgettable unique adventure that is indeed worth trying!

In the USA there are around 50 rail-trails converted disused railway tracks into a multi-use path, typically for walking, cycling, horse riding, and snowmobiling. The Redwood Forests can be something that everyone who likes to explore nature has to put on his/her list to visit, and it can be done even now while many touristic places are closed because of COVID-19’s measures. It is located three hours north of San Francisco along the Pacific coast and offers visitors to enjoy majestic trees that have existed for centuries.

Up until March of 2019 people who were interested to visit this area had done it only via a historic Skunk Train, which is still functioning from Fort Bragg several times a week.

A Historic Railway Route

The Skunk Train is a railroad heritage that has run the North Coast since 1885. Some of the trees in the Redwood forests are more than 1,000 years old and more than 300 feet high. Generations of young and old people who rode trains admired these beauties.

The Skunk was created in 1925 when motorcycles were introduced, so they were widely used to tour these beautiful forests.

However, a completely different type of travel through this ancient forest is available now by renting custom-made rail bikes and quietly pedaling through the forest. These rail bikes are safe on the tracks, and no train or other traffic is guaranteed during the journey.

Railway bicycles can accommodate people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels, as they can be easily ridden due to being equipped with electric motors. The rail bike ride takes 1.5 to 2 hours, and for anyone who can’t ride it all at once, they can enjoy a stop halfway to Glen Blair Junction.

Details about the Trip

Two riders can use this rail bike, but if there are more interested to visit this area together the bikes can be rented in groups to allow for a larger excursion. All visitors can move at their own pace through the magical forest and take breathers as needed.

Prior to receiving their boarding passes, all passengers are required to fill out a rail bike participant release of liability and assumption of risk agreement. Riders should be physically capable of bicycling at least 30 minutes at low exertion.

Other details:

  • The riders should be dressed appropriately because the weather condition can be changeable.
  • Single Riders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • No infants or canines on this experience.
  • All riders should be at least 6 years old and must be able to walk.
  • The maximum weight per rider is 250 pounds.
  • Wear close-toed shoes.
  • Water is required.

Those interested to take the tour should be there 45 minutes in advance for orientation, between the months of March and November

Warnings due to the COVID-19:

  • Mandatory cover face
  • Practice 6 feet social distancing
  • Frequently wash your hands
  • Do not make your reservation if you feel ill

On the web site below find the information for other pedal-powered rail-trails:


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