People Always Running Late Are Happier & Healthier


Some individuals have a habit of running late on almost every activity. That habit can be a reason for many problems linked to something that should be done on time, but there is also some good news for people from this group.

According to a recent Harvard study, People Always Running Late Are Happier and Healthier. This finding is also important for others who are always on time and thought of someone else above.

The study from Harvard University showed that people who usually run late tend to be happier and live longer, as they tend to be very optimistic, which is, actually good when it comes to their health.

Being late is strongly associated with optimism and higher levels of enthusiasm

You can notice that people who are always running late arrive smiling like it’s no big deal. So, everyone who wants to react because of the “inconsideration,” before reacting should deeply take a look at his/her overall personality. Usually, those persons are more passionate, more enthusiastic, and an overall happier.

Diana DeLonzor in her book, Never Be Late Again said:

“Many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic and this affects their perception of time. They really believe they can go for a run, pick up their clothes at the dry cleaners, buy groceries and drop off the kids at school in an hour.”

Optimistic people have one thing in common: They’re always late

The New York University School of Business psychologist, Justin Kruger explained to the Wall Street Journal that society has all sorts of punishments in place for people who are late, but that doesn’t change them and they will fail to arrive on time next time again. Denzer added that this has little to do with not caring about the punishments and more to do with underestimating the amount of time.

According to Alfie Kohn from Psychology Today, people should find the answer to the question “why people are always on time” instead of asking “why they always late.” The answer can be found by estimating how long it will take to get somewhere, or how long it takes to do all of those chores. For those who believe that they can realistically run and do all things in and out of home for only one hour, can be called dreamers.

Basically, those individuals are positive thinkers and they are more willing to believe that everything will work out in the end.

Another characteristic of the people who are running late is their sense of calm. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, that adds those people years to their lives. Research has found that “an optimistic outlook early in life can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up periods of 15 to 40 years.”

Optimistic persons are happier overall and they are always focusing on the positive side of things. Due to the optimistic attitude, those persons are more productive, creative, and have a relaxed life. The Harvard researchers supported by the researchers of the University of Rochester Medical Center stated that this attitude could be adding some years to the life of those persons, too.

The study also shows that the optimistic person, has fewer chances of high blood pressure and heart disease, as optimism appears to protect the heart and circulation.

All the above mentioned doesn’t mean that it’s socially acceptable to be late for everything. We recommend everyone to try to be on time if possible.


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