People Are Growing Gardens Right Out of Bags of Soil and It Is Pure Genius


Do you ever dream of your own garden? Fresh vegetables and fruits right out of your door. Or variety of flowers that smell and look incredible. But you gave up on that taught because it’s hard work that requires persistence.

So, what if I tell you that there is a way where you never have to pull out those weeds sprouting in between your fruits and vegetables. And you don’t even have to bend over and spend time plucking each one of them. One not so good alternative is to spend a lot of money on products that promise to omit the growth of weeds and yet sometimes they don’t even do their work.

On the other hand, we got great solution for you: Bag gardening. This is the way you can grow vegetable or fruit gardens out of bags of soil without necessary worrying about weeds. The first step to start with is to go buy your soil bags. The size depends on how much you are planning to plant.

First step: Prepare

Your soil needs to be ready before planting, so lightly rake through the soil. The soil that way would be loose and airy. Then, you should poke a few holes in the back for drainage so they won’t end up over-saturated and moldy. If you place the potting soil on metal sawhorses not only you will lift the bags off of the hot concrete, you will make your job easier and spine- health friendly.

Second step: Plant your seeds

Now that your bag is perfectly placed and opened- spread your seeds. Great tip is to mix you seeds with cornmeal in some spice bottle, to check if your seeds are evenly spread out on the soil. Then sprinkle little bit of soil over the top. To set the seeds in spray- mist with water.

Third step: Water

Watering is the main key. At the begging you should take is slow so they can set in and establish their roots. You can achieve this by using a spray bottle and lightly misting the surface. One the plants have normalized, continue with more normal watering. Keep in mind to continually keep your bags moist but not too wet. The soil depth isn’t as deep as in- ground garden so this means that they will require more water likely.

Fourth step: Harvest

Now that your plants have grown- enjoy them! For vegetables like lettuce and spinach remember to not pull the plants out. Just cut the leaves off. This way you can watch them grow back quickly, happy and healthy in your bags of potting soil without worrying about any unwanted weeds.

This worked well for me for many years – it’s a simple, weed-free way to grow lettuce, spinach and…

Posted by Julie Morgan on Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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