People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes


People across the U.S. have been struggling with finding affordable housing. Either buying or constructing a house can cost lots of money. Even a one-story house can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on its shape. So, what is the perfect way to find an affordable house and still be able to live a normal life without any additional reconstructing done? The answer is simple: tiny houses!

There are many different ideas on how to construct tiny houses. They can be made from sheds with other additional attachments on them like gardens, greenhouses, etc.

What is a Shed?

For those of you that never knew what a shed is or owned one, it is a small building that’s typically used as storage space or office/studio. Typically, it’s located in the yard of the property. There are different materials for sheds and they can vary in different sizes, even though they’re usually small. You can either purchase a shed from a store or make it yourself following a DIY plan.

Sheds are typically used for:

  • Storing tools, yard equipment (lawnmower), and other miscellaneous items
  • Using it as a greenhouse for plants
  • Child’s playhouse
  • Studio or office

Transforming Sheds to Tiny Homes

With new and affordable ideas for tiny houses being shared on social media, people have turned to transform tuff sheds into houses.

Home Depot is selling TR-1600 Tuff Sheds varying from $13,000 to $24,000, depending on the sizes.

With purchasing these you will get:

  • An entire second floor
  • 8-feet high walls on the first floor
  • 3 by 7 feet entry door (plus a lock)
  • 36-inch stairs with railings (full banister)
  • Boxed eaves on each wall

You can customize these sheds with different amounts of windows and sizes, as well as shutters, ridge vents, or sidewalk porches.

With over 30 varieties of colors, Tuff Shed gives you the option to choose between different shades of blue, brown, gray, red, or white. The roof colors can have five different colors and three different styles (metal, three-tab composition shingles, or upgraded dimensional shingles) with all of them having a specific warranty from rain and wind.

The interior can be customized by your preference such as the number of rooms or colors of the walls/floors.

You don’t have to use this tiny house as a living house. Instead, you can use it as a guest house, vacation house, or cottage.

You’ll indeed need much less money to build a tiny house, however, be prepared to do more work.

This video shows how Barry and Beth Smith prepared their Tuff Shed Tiny Home:


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