People are Turning Tables Into Stunning Succulent Gardens


Making living art pieces with succulents is very widespread all over the world because they are an ingenious concept and a beautiful idea for any part of the garden, wall or table. It is a flower arrangement of succulent plants that never withers and this work of art is accessible to everyone and can easily be made by anyone.

Some creative ways to bring a bit of living art to your home or garden

Succulents include many different plant families so there are many ideas on how they can be combined in making ‘living art pieces.’ Here are some varieties:

  1. Wreath: You can make a wreath that will live all year round using a wire wreath frame, a little sphagnum moss, floral wire and needles, and succulent clippings.
  2. Succulent Curtain – Famous artist Claire Lewis made one custom hanging piece for a wedding, using floral wire to attach small clips of succulents to strands of thread.
  3. Patterned walkway: Succulents fit perfectly between stairs or along sidewalks.
  4. Hanging on the wall (succulent picture frame): A mosaic of different colors can be made in the picture frame. Your drought-resistant plants will grow slowly in a relatively shallow wooden frame.
  5. Topiary: A topiary frame can be made of chicken wire, like this simple leaf shape or triceratops.
  6. Hanging basket: Most often used for the front porch or balcony of the apartment.
  7. Non-traditional planters: Different containers can be used like a lunch box, coffee pot, fridge magnets, and similar things.
  8. Chandelier: Hang a pot rack and place potted succulents alternately with candles in jars.
  9. Blooming Tables – it is one more way you can put these incredible plants to use. With some mad crafty skills and aesthetic goals, people have been upgrading their tables into full-blown succulent gardens.

These tables represent both a green oasis and a place to put your cup.

Deep in this business went the founder of Blooming Tables company Dustin Anthony, from San Diego, who successfully began to conquer the market with these beautiful succulent tables.

Dustin explained that flower tables are perfect for people who lack space for traditional gardening methods and enjoy plants in their homes. Since succulents require a lot of sunlight, if this cannot be provided to them naturally then lamps are placed over them or incandescent bulbs are added.

The Benefits of Blooming Tables

–           Easy to Use

It is easy to set up and maintain the blooming table, you need simply to add soil, plants, and then water. The tables should be waterproof and ensure a leak and a mess-free environment.

–           Health Benefits of Blooming Tables

Indoor plants are proven to enhance memory and concentration, increase productivity, and decrease anxiety and stress. Additionally, they are removing toxins and purifying our air.

–           Saves Space

They combine the benefits of a table with your indoor garden, increasing functionality, and saving space.

How to Water Succulents Indoors

  • Add good soaking to them, until the water runs out at the bottom of the pot, and be sure to drain that water.
  • Allow the soil to dry completely before re-watering, so check the soil a week after watering, and if it is still moist, wait another week.
  • Succulents need more water in early spring when the plant is growing, while water needs can be reduced in summer and even more so in winter.
  • During the winter watering is done very rarely, only when they are dry (once a month), but it will depend on the conditions.

Remember, succulents don’t need much, but they’ll reward you with art you can admire for years.


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