People Are Using Dollar Store Laundry Baskets As Strawberry Planters and It’s Pure Genius


With the equipment you probably already have at home, you can easily grow your own strawberries.

Strawberries can be grown in a variety of ways, including on a pallet, in a raised bed, and even in a container on your deck!

People are extremely intelligent. I wish I had that kind of intelligence.

But, up until then, I’ll just have to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from all of the geniuses among us.

What about this clever idea: people are buying dollar tree laundry baskets and they are using them as planters in which they grow strawberries. How brilliant is that?

How does it work?

Strawberry planters made from laundry baskets are a big success. Growing juicy, red strawberries in a tub that everybody has lying around the house has never been easier. Ripe berries will hang down around the container in these special planters. To make the basket, simply line it with a burlap sack and poke holes through some of the spaces. Then you fill it with soil and plant some baby strawberry plants in the holes.

The best aspect is that the laundry basket is built to hold bugs at bay. That’s a good thing since berries attract a lot of pests that no one wants in their food.

The baskets make it easier for the strawberries to spread out and down, as well as harvesting them until they are mature and abundant.

Personal experiences

Here’s an advice from Julie Morgan:

Grab a pair of dollar store laundry baskets, line them with a plastic trash bag, and fill them with dirt. Start at the bottom of the basket and cut through the plastic liner with a steak knife or scissors, then insert the strawberry plant. Work your way to the top, skipping a few holes so it doesn’t get too crowded. To make watering a breeze, insert a 2-inch PVC pipe with holes drilled into it. Remove the excess plastic liner from the top and you’re done! You’ll have plenty of strawberries to eat before you know it.

And there you have it: a cheap strawberry planter that will only cost a few dollars and will make planting and harvesting strawberries much easier.

Take a look at the video below:



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