Girl, 2, Dies After Putting Phone Charger in Her Mouth While it Was Plugged Into Wall


The woman named Razia brought her two-year-old daughter Shehvar to her mother’s house in the village of Jahangirabad, near Delhi.

Next day Razia left the girl to play for a short time, while the charger was plugged into the wall and turned on but with no phone attached. This charger was used by another member of the family, who unplugged the phone, but left the power turned on.

While playing around, the girl put the charger into her mouth and she was electrocuted. This conclusion was made by the police after investigation.

According to Akhilesh Pradhan, of Jahangirabad police station in the interview to the Times of India, the family has not approached them with any police complaint, so a case has not been filed.

Technically, smartphone chargers are not usually thought to carry enough voltage to harm somebody, keeping them away from children is always advised. This is also the opinion of the experts, who say the likelihood of someone being electrocuted by a smartphone, even while the device is charging, is very, very low. Because of the transformer that chargers generally have, they have a very low output.

However, the plug can be faulty, or there can be exposed wires of the charger, which are dangerous to use. According to the experts, the safest way is to use only high-quality electrical equipment from the recommended manufacturer for your device.

This story is not the only one, it comes after another recent incident that took place in Thailand. This story is telling us that a factory worker was found dead after being electrocuted, as he charged his phone and used earphones at the same time.

Kritsada Supol, 24, had his phone plugged into an extension power point using a cheap charging cable. He was listening to music or talking to someone as the mic section of the earphones was resting over his lips.

Police Captain Jaleuk Polthong said: ”We believe a short circuit caused his death while he was on the phone with someone or he was listening to music.”

According to the officers, a poor quality charger could bring many people in danger, if they are not manufactured from the authorized company.


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