Photographer Captured Squirrels Every Day For Six Years And Here Are The Incredible Results


A Dutch/Swedish photographer with international awards, Green Weggen, had a fantastic experience especially after specializing in photographing Red squirrels.

His story began after a fox came to his yard standing on his doorstep. Weggen ran into his house to get some meat and since then, the animal came back daily for more food. He decided to use the chance of the fox and start taking pictures.

He used different props for photography which the fox interacted with when it came to the balcony. After a while, a Russian bird came to his house and started to visit him daily. He filled up his balcony as a photographing studio with cameras, mirrors, and nature props. Weggen claims that the bird came to him and he followed the bird with my camera, as it searched for hidden food in scenes that I had created. Some photos of this encounter were awarded and published.”

After a while, red squirrels started to appear and come to his studio daily. He did not realize at the time that this would become his norm. He claims that “since last year I have been organizing Squirrel workshops at home. These workshops are held to occur two times a year when the young squirrels arrive. A maximum of 3 participants can join this 5-day workshop.”

See the pictures for yourself and be amazed by the art that this man created in the six years of photography:

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