Photographer Captures Magical Sight of Brilliant Blue Butterflies Clustered on a Tree


Blue Morpho Butterfly

The blue morpho butterfly is one of the prettiest of its species. Its wings have a bright blue color and a black edge as its name implies. It is one of the largest known butterflies across the world. The wings of the blue morpho can span from 5-8 inches. Their blue vivid coloring is a result of microscopic scales that are located on the back of their wings. These scales reflect light which makes the wings even more majestic. The underside of the wings has a dull brown color which helps them camouflage easier to protect themselves from predators.

Typically, the blue morpho butterfly can be found in Latin America (Mexico to Colombia) inside tropical forests.

Blue Morpho Clustered on a Tree

Kelvin Hudson, a photographer, was able to see a very majestic sight. He was walking through a forest and he was able to spot a tree filled with blue morpho butterflies. A cluster of the blue butterflies had gathered around the trunk of the tree. Others spread around in smaller groups around the branches.

Hudson was lucky to be at the right place at the right time to be able to capture the photo. Typically, adult morpho butterflies spend most of their time on the floor of the forest or in lower trees and shrubs. During the time Hudson saw them on the tree, he most likely caught them at a time that they were enjoying the sun’s warmth.


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