Photographer Captures The Perfect Shot Of Stunning Bald Eagle


Have you ever seen a perfect picture?

In most cases, it is just a matter of opinion when somebody says that he saw a perfect picture at some time in the past.  Occasionally, everyone can see a picture that is so outstanding, so well done and so beautiful that the only word that can be used to describe it is ‘perfect’.

In this article, we offer you a picture that is not only our opinion, but there are thousands of people online who think it is perfect as well.

On the picture, you can see a bald eagle named Bruce, made by the photographer, Steve Biro. He has been involved with taking pictures of bald eagles for quite some time and in this instance, he was focused entirely on Bruce.

He reported to the BBC: “He’s squared up perfectly, both wings are touching the water. That [photograph] was the one that struck me as little more special than the others.”

When that picture was posted online, it has become viral and there are not showing any signs of stopping.

Steve picked up the hobby of photography about ten years ago when he ran into Bruce the Bald Eagle while taking pictures at Ontario’s Canadian Raptor Conservatory. Mentioning Bruce, he said: “He’s really awesome and fairly well behaved but also has a mind of his own too.”

The most interesting momentum of taking a picture, for Biro was when Bruce was flying over the water. However, observing Bruce he realized at that time, that he was not all that happy with where he was set up.

Facebook video may take a moment to load:

During taking the pictures Biro was positioned where Bruce was, trying to brush him away from where he was. He told the BBC: “I could feel the breeze from his wings as he flew over me. The other people who were there were gasping as he came over my head. It was really quite exhilarating.”

Taking a picture of Bruce as he flew over the Biro’s head was a real challenge for him, and the result was breathtaking.

He was aware of the momentum of taking that image, and when he saw how balanced it was, he realized that it is well-done. However, he didn’t expect anything of this magnitude.

I decided to repost as my cover with a watermark as this eagle is getting shared more than I imagined!

Posted by Steve Biro on Sunday, May 19, 2019

This picture is still sharing online and Reddit even made it to the front page.

Biro is feeling happy and says: “It warms my heart to know I might bring joy to people who may not even be able to leave the house and that they love to see the world through my eyes.”


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