Photographer Captures World’s Clearest Picture Of The Moon EVER Taken


What many photographers have failed to do so far, California astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has managed to do, making the brightest image of the moon. For his masterpiece, he put together thousands of images together in different phases of the moon to show the surface of the moon in its brightness. Combining multiple shots of the lunar line where light meets darkness, this work has been declared the world’s clearest image of lunar craters.

This lunar enthusiast worked hard for two weeks framing the moons, to reach the brightest surface of the Moon seen from Earth.

Using light caused by the “moon terminator” – the line between the light and the dark side of the moon – the craters look elongated.

McCarthy’s painstaking actions of capturing the lunar surface were focused on the effect of the most pronounced combination and putting together a single detailed composition.

Although only a few photos can be seen, astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has put together thousands of images taken at different phases of the Moon to capture every detail of the crater.

The final photograph, as a spectacular end result, shows a dazzling array of craters, holes, and imperfections on the Earth’s most “neighbor” in space.

On his Instagram account cosmic_background, Mr. McCarthy described the snap, titled “All Terminator,” as “the beast of the project.”

He explains what technique he applied during the two weeks of painting the Moon. He took the part of the image that has the most contrast (just before the lunar terminator where the shadows are longest), aligned them, and merged them to show a rich texture all over the surface. Each image had to be copied into a 3D sphere and adjusted so that it could be aligned.

McCarthy used the ASI1600MM and Celestron edge HD 800 camera for the original images and also for repeating the procedures for the Moon’s opposite phase.

This masterpiece very positively surprised ethan_roberts_astronomer02, who was amazed by this result of using only the terminator image and replied to McCarthy.

The lunar terminator or “twilight zone” is the line between the light and the dark side of the Moon, where the Sun is closer to the horizon, creating long shadows that give the surface a three-dimensional appearance.

With the help of shadows on the lunar surface, crater-like features are more noticeable.

NASA confirms that many craters appear near the terminator because their height makes it easier for them to be seen more clearly.

This can be compared to the line of light and darkness on Earth, which is why shadows lengthen when the sun is low in the sky.

Lunar terminators are well defined in contrast to those on Earth, which act fuzzy and diffuse – which, due to the difference in atmosphere, leads to dawn and dusk.

In a statement to his followers on social media, McCarthy says “this Moon might look a little funny to you.”

And according to Old Farmers ’Almanac:” Sunlight bounces off every microscopic gas molecule on its way to us, scattering in the process. “

The scattering of sunlight allows light to be seen before sunrise and after sunset every day, and since the Moon has no atmosphere, sunlight reaches its surface unhindered.


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