Photographer Spent 2 Years Photographing Animals That May Soon Be Extinct, And It Broke Our Hearts


Some endangered species are almost unknown for most of us, however, this photographer from Britain named Tim Flach took pictures of these animals in their exotic habitats for almost 2 years just so he can capture their beautifulness and document it.

Endangered allows us to have a rare, intimate view of the lives of some of the most threatened species on Earth, spreading the awareness that there is still time to love and care for these animals.

The pictures show different endangered species such as the snow leopards, polar bears, and cheetahs all the way to the more exotic species such as the Philippine eagle, saiga, and olm salamander. Flach was able to show us a biodiverse range of species that are endangered, showing us all of the challenges that these animals are facing, from the destruction of their natural habitat to the poaching and selling them on the black market.

When we stare in the eyes of these animals, we can feel their hardships and we can be only left heartbroken to think that they are considered worth less than any single one of us.


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