Photoshop Troll “Fixes” People’s Photos by Taking Their Requests Way Too Literally


With cellphones and social-media dominating ordinary life, people are becoming obsessed with capturing or having perfect photographs and videos. Instead of enjoying a concert like in the old days, people are taking out their phones every second and taking photos and videos to post as stories on Instagram or adding them to their Facebook timeline. The only thing that will block your view 30 years ago at a concert is someone’s hands in the air. And this doesn’t only happen at concerts. You’ll notice people taking pictures of their food in a restaurant or people taking selfies while hanging out.

In the past decade, documenting every event on our social media, posting pictures, and using cellphones have been overused excessively. Due to the fast-changing technology, people have become obsessed with having the perfect pictures. However, if the photograph was taken isn’t perfect, how will they post it on their social media? With the help of Photoshop, people can edit their photographs the way they want them, that is if they’re skilled enough with the program.

Photoshop Troll

Using Photoshop, people can create infinite possibilities as long as the person working on the program is creative enough. Expert-level understanding of the program allows people to create anything. One such Photoshop expert called James Fridman allows people to send him requests so he can edit their photos. However, instead of “fixing” whatever they want to be fixed on the photo, James turns them into something outrageous and hilarious by taking their requests too literally.

You can just see how hilarious the photo ‘corrections’ really turned out with some picture examples. Everyone that gives James a request knows what the result is to an extent. They know that he won’t fix anything but instead make a very funny photo.


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