Plant Your Own Magical Moon Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night


Fans of flower gardens are not uncommon, but people who enjoy growing plants and flowers that bloom at night are.

Many specialists of this lunar garden cultivation find it a great way to get in touch with nature. They offer a beautiful and fragrant backdrop for people who worship rituals in the moonlight in summer.

When this source of the beautiful scent is planted near the house, people can open the windows and use their aromas while they sleep.

The characteristic of most plants that bloom at night is that they are white in color and give a glow in the moonlight.

People plant these flowers in different shapes, such as in a circle or crescent, so when they bloom, they get the same “up and down” shapes.

Several of these plants open at night – so they are grouped with flowers with silver leaves.

All those who have not tried it, they can plant a few night flowers and make their evening garden a magical and mystical place!

Moonflower is one of the most planted flowers that when blooming opens slightly and releases a lemon scent, while during the day the white flowers close firmly. This is a climbing plant, some species such as family member Morning Glory, which can grow up to eight feet tall. When the flowers are open, they are about 5 – 6” in diameter.

Evening Primrose is a fast-growing perennial that can cover a lot of ground. It has pale pink-white flowers that open at dusk and give off a sweet aroma.

Night phlox opens at dusk and they have a scent reminiscent of vanilla or honey

The evening stock has tiny purple and pink flowers and divinely opens at night.

Angel’s Trumpet is another type of lineage, spreading like crazy. It has white trumpet-shaped flowers that have a bell-shaped appearance when opened.

Night gladiolus is a plant that is not really nocturnal, but at night the creamy yellow flowers smell strongest.

However, there are many silver, white, and even gray plants that bloom throughout the day, such as:

Powder Mills – Flowers that have silvery gray fern-like leaves. The Dusty Millers do not require much maintenance.

Thyme silver – these are silver herbs that smell of thyme and green leaves smell like lemon. The flowers are pale lavender reminiscent of lilac.

Lamb’s ears are ornamental flowers, soft and fuzzy, like a lamb’s ear, and are pale greenish-silver in color. Be careful and keep them indoors, as they will occupy your entire yard.

Mugwort (Artemesia) is a silvery green plant that has many magical uses because of its amazing scent.

Silver sage is different from other sage strains in leaves that are intensely silver and cloudy, arranged in a rosette.

A great addition to your garden can be vegetables like Alba Eggplant, Baby Boo Pumpkin or Lumina and are perfect for fall decorations!

Here are some herbs available to plant that have lunar qualifications, such as:

Camphor is a plant used to protect or purify it from negative energy. Many also use it to clean crystals and ritual tools in a newly created space or ritual area.

Eucalyptus is a plant associated with health and healing. It is also used for protection and fragrant eucalyptus is a great addition to your garden.

Gardenia has a beautiful and fragrant flower that provides peace and harmony by repelling strife. These flowers are also used for protection against external influences, so it is often planted around the perimeter of the yard or near the door, with the aim of keeping negative people away.

Jasmine has a specific scent and is popular with perfumers, with some calling it the flower of attraction. The heady fragrance of this plant evokes sensuality, passion, and love.

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that is used for healing and purification as well as protective and business magic. It is used in religious rituals and rituals around the world.

Willow is planted near homes and helps prevent hazards, especially those resulting from a natural disaster such as a storm or flood. Because of the protection they offer, they are often planted near cemeteries.

Water lilies are often used as decoration in ponds associated with clarity of desire and direction. Many artists or creators stick to water lilies.


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