Please Pick Up Your F*king Trash


Over the past few decades, the world has experienced an increasingly large amount of trash and litter in all areas what used to be clean. Most of them now are covered by garbage making the areas unattractive to the eye. The litter and trash are considered as the number one problem affecting clean water within most countries of the world.

The litter includes household garbage, construction debris, or paper and debris left in parking lots. This trash is either blown or washed down into storm drains leading into creeks and streams, creating pollution. The environment is drowning in waste material and plastic, and things get worse every month. As a result, this trash ends up in the soil, in the air, and waters are polluted, and instead of fish, we have plastic bags floating on their surface.

You can imagine what happens after every big festival. People come, have fun and leave all this trash behind, which is the saddest part of every festival. It also happens, every time when people go for a walk in nature, they leave plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other packages behind.

This behavior of people, to act worse than every animal in this world is really concerning fact for the future of the world. Many of them avoid using their advanced knowledge and skills, which can lead to the destroyed planet. They forget that it’s the only planet they have.

Everyone should be aware that one person cannot clean an entire world all by himself/herself. Instead, one can help by taking care not to throw away trash everywhere and if that happened cleaning up their local community.

Knowing that the future of our kids is in danger, we should better do something before it’s too late. Our kids and we deserve a healthy future, and we should work more together on our healthy life and on the improvement of our daily habits.

Here are some sugestions that should be followed:

–           Stop throwing trash where it doesn’t belong.

–           Stop throwing the trash out of your car window.

–           Learn how to save the planet.

–           Follow positive changes, because even the slightest positive change will be of great help.

–           Setting an example for others will help people change themselves.

–           Select the trash and put it in a proper container for recycling,

–           Plenty other recommendations…………

Kyra Schlining from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) emphasizes: “The most frustrating thing is that most of the material we saw – glass, metal, paper, plastic – could be recycled.” She and her colleagues hope that their findings will inspire people to recycle their trash instead of allowing it to end up in the environment.

Fortunately, today people know better than ever how to make many things they need from renewable resources, so there is less excuse than ever to waste. The biggest challenge now is to mobilize our will to save our planet.

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