Poachers in Kenya Kill Two of the World’s Last Three White Giraffes


There are two things people who have had a chance to observe a giraffe closely will notice immediately. To begin with, they are insanely tall. And second, they have a blotchy coat that appears in orange, chestnut or brown color.

However, there’s this special breed of giraffes that exist in Kenya. What makes them special, is the fact that they are entirely white. An article, posted by the BBC, has provided us with information about the cause of their white color. According to it, this species are white because of a condition which is known as leucusm.

The term ‘leucism’ refers to a condition that restricts pigmentation in particular skin cells. Besides of being unique by their color, people find them special because of their dark-colored eyes too. Therefore, these exotic-looking animals, managed to catch the attention of many tourists, wildlife conservationists, and unfortunately poachers.

Poachers kill two white giraffes

Sadly, the lives of a white female giraffe and her 7-month-old calf ended recently. According to a BBC article, a group of poachers were going after the giraffes, apparently because of their meat, skin, or maybe both of them. The incident took place in a nature conservancy in Ijara, northeastern Kenya.

The unpleasant news was announced by the Wildlife officials. They believe that the male offspring of the already dead female is still alive. The manager of the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy, Mohamed Ahmednoor, said that according to him, the day this incident happened, is a really sad day for the whole community of Ijara.

The laws of conservation in Kenya have certainly improved, but the country has been struggling with that issue for decades. They’ve been trying to preserve the existence of the elephant and the rhino.

Especially because people believed that their ivory and horns were valued as status symbols and were used as ingredients in traditional medicine as well. Anyways, one of the reasons because they are trying to preserve all the endangered species is because they attract many tourists.

And having many tourists means boosting up the finances of the country. Therefore, Mr. Admednoor believes that the latest incident with the white giraffes would affect the tourism in a negative way.


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