Police Allege Mice Ate Half a Ton of “Missing” Weed


Eight police officers in Argentina have been fired from the police force after alleging that half a ton of marijuana had been eaten by mice.

Half a ton of cannabis was missing from a police warehouse in Pilar, which is 50 miles outside of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Even though mice eat cannabis more often than someone might think, the forensic team that investigated the scene found that there were no traces or evidence that mice ate all of the missing weed.

The marijuana was found missing during an inspection of the warehouse that it was stored in for two years. There had been 6,000 kilograms of marijuana documented and stored in the warehouse, and only 5,460 kilograms were found after the inspection, meaning 540 kilograms of cannabis had gone missing. It would take a lot of mice to eat that much of cannabis.

The city’s former commissioner, Javier Specia, left the inventory for impounded cannabis unsinged and unrecognized when he resigned in April of 2017 and later it was noted that this was very suspicious.
Emilio Portero, the replacement commissioner, noticed the missing weed and notified authorities which later went to inspect the warehouse.

Specia gave an explanation that mice had eaten the missing 540 kilograms of weed and three of his ex-subordinates confirmed his word. However, the forensics team did not find any evidence that mice were inside of the warehouse and the fact that it would take a big number of mice to complete eating 540 kilograms of cannabis.

 “Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse,” a representative for judge Adrián González Charvay stated.

Astonishingly, they have put a little bit of effort in devising the alibi for the missing weed if mice did not eat it since mice can actually surprisingly eat the weed.

Rats and mice have strong and long whiskers which are similar to the ones that cats and felines have. They are capable of determining how much space they have that they will need to squeeze themselves in.

In order to stay alive, rats need to eat at least a third of their body weight every single day.

Many studies have shown that cannabis is actually very beneficial for mice. A study in 2014 verified that cannabidiol can protect the cognitive function of mice which had symptoms that characterize a form of Alzheimer’s disease and brain trauma.

Additionally, a study in 2017 that has been published in the Nature journal showed that low doses of THC applied to rats preserved their retentive memory and learning ability as they grow older. This is a big contrast in what many people believe about the effects of marijuana.




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