Raising Our Kids Near Their Grandparents Is the Greatest Gift We Could Ever Give Them


The biggest treasure for children are grandparents, which has been confirmed by science. But what is best for them is always their hearts and whom they behave during their childhood and later in their lives.

That is why it is often said that raising children near their grandparents is one of the greatest gifts they can be given. Although this is confirmed by science, further research is not needed, because everyone knows that to be true.

Here’s why raising children near their grandparents is one of the greatest gifts

The experience and the studies conducted on raising kids show that kids are incredibly beneficial near their grandparents, especially because of their health, learning of respecting the elderly, and they are even helping parents to get a better night’s sleep. However, that’s not all, there are many other things which are beneficial for children, including:

1)         Grandparents are a safe harbor

All parents strive to teach their children, shaping them to make sure they know the right things and behave respectfully. If they do not meet their expectations, it is their job to fix them. Most often, the methods that are used to fix this can be quite unpopular for the child, so they can be very angry with the parents.

Although grandparents want children to behave properly and follow procedures when parents have to correct them, in the end, they are always on the side of the children. So, children can go to them when they are angry with their parents, taking advantage of their feelings. Children consider grandparents as a “safe harbor.” Usually, the grandmother’s house allowed the children to run in the afternoon and was given the opportunity to calm down and find perspective.

2)         Grandparents know just what to say to make the kids feel better

All parents try to compliment their children, but children do not count on parents as the most reliable source of information. They believe that parents have to speak because it is their duty. This is not the case with the words spoken by grandparents who are quite biased towards children. They always believe in children and say, “Everything will be fine” or “You are perfect just the way you are.”

Grandparents can do this because of their wisdom and the mastery of parenting on their children. Their actions towards their grandchildren are powerful and they do so with their soothing voice. Grandparents seem to know exactly what to say to their grandchildren so they can feel better about themselves and they know how to say it so the grandchildren believe it.

3)         Grandparents can stand in for a parent who isn’t present

Grandparents, in their lives even sometimes fulfill the very unique role of their children. For example, for a child who grows up without a father, the grandfather becomes a wonderful male role model, although not a substitute for the father, he definitely helps to ease the pain due to his loss. The same is true of the grandmother who fills in the missing mom.

4)         They act as confidants and sounding boards

Very often, children simply do not want to share the secret with their parents, sometimes because they may think that they are angry or that they will not understand them.

In such situations, grandparents are the best confidants. They listen to their grandchildren without judgment and offer great advice. They give their grandchildren courage by instructing them to trust adults and therefore parents.

5)         Grandparents help kids to connect with the past

When children grow up near their grandparents provides they have a phenomenal opportunity to connect with the past. That connection is made in a way that no history lesson can ever do. This will not happen if the child loves history, which he enjoys reading, because the best connection is when it is done first-hand, thanks to grandparents.

Every generation wants the next generation to be better than them. The best way is to learn from the previous generation.

6)         Raising kids without their grandparents

Unfortunately, sometimes parents are from different places and their parents may not live nearby. Sometimes, because of work, parents are forced to go to different places on the other side of the world, so their grandchildren cannot physically be with their grandparents. But even that doesn’t have to be a problem, because today’s technology is breaking down the distance barriers, so a little more work is needed to take advantage of it.

One of the best ways to strengthen relationships is to use a video call, at least once a week. During these conversations, children can share their milestones (major or minor ones), show off their latest art projects, or they can just talk about anything and everything.

These relationships would enhance occasional travel so that the family could visit or grandparents could visit them.

While these visits are being realized, it is advisable to devote time to grandparents, not to plan a bunch of trips without them. Even if something else needs to be planned, the children need not be involved, but it is planned that they stay with their grandparents.

The rest of the year make a point to talk about parents. Stories about parents and showing their pictures, as well as writing letters to grandparents, will really help keep that connection going.

A good method might be to keep a special memory book filled with things your kids want to ask or tell their grandparents at their next meeting.

As much as the parents pay attention to connecting children with their grandparents, their bond will be just as strong whether they live across the street or around the world.

Our recommendation is, if you have the opportunity, raise your children near your grandparents, which we believe none of you will regret.





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