Rescued Circus Elephants Reunite After 22 Years— The Unforgettable Moment Is Melting Hearts


Elephants are the most inspiring animals in the wild and some of the behaviors they exhibit show how emotionally they are. They are very smart creatures and their intelligence is something which is often overlooked by humans. According to scientists they have the biggest brain when compared to animals that walk on land.

Because of their soft and warm nature, many of them are mistreated for different reasons. They are usually captured and bred into captivity, and later taken to circuses or zoos. The biggest torture of the elephants happens by cruel people, before joining the “circus crew.”

Here we offer you a story of two elephants, Shirley and Jenny, which are a great example of how elephants are emotional. As baby girls, they were captured by circus staff and forced to perform. Living in such circumstances was terrible for them, but the baby elephants had each other and supporting each other became best friends.

However, things for them changed overnight, when some people snuck into the circus and stole Jenny. The reason for stealing Jenny by the volunteers for an elephant sanctuary was to give her a second chance and to live a better life than in circus. She was happy and made many friends at the sanctuary, but, something that she missed was her dearest friend Shirley.

Shirley was alone in the circus and the cruel people were her only companions. The decision of the circus staff to not get any other animals, was actually good because no animals were harmed. One day the circus decided to get rid of Shirley and she ended up in the same sanctuary. Shirley didn’t expect to meet Jenny there, and she hadn’t seen another elephant for two decades.

The first that people at the sanctuary did was bringing a friendly elephant, Tara, close to Shirley’s cell. The reaction was fascinating, Shirley extended her trunk to Tara, and Tara did the same, which was the act how elephants say “hi.”

The second best part of this story was the momentum when Jenny walked towards Shirley, and let out the loudest shriek anyone has ever heard. Trying to embrace each other, two friends even bent the bars. After opening the door, they could hug each other properly. They remembered each other even after 25 years of separate living. They spent two hours together.

This is a great example that elephants never forget. When Shirley became aware of her freedom, she was happier than ever.

Having in mind that millions of animals live in captivity, and they are killed and tortured very often, the situation doesn’t seem to go in the right direction. The poachers don’t even think of the emotions of animals, because they only care about their profits.

Jenny and Shirley aren’t the only animals with sad stories, so we encourage you to share stories like this one.


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