Retired Chief of a Pharmacy said: “The World needs to Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer”

Recipe for Preparation the Alkaline Water!

Developing and selling medications is a great business, which brings billions in revenue every year. Pharma sales are larger than the gross domestic product of many countries, combined. Some people, particularly those with rare diseases, are facing with a problem of the high cost of the medications.

The high cost of the medications is a significant financial burden for many people and has caused a great deal of scrutiny towards the industry.

Doctors may also be able to replace expensive medications with cheaper varieties, which are in the same class and are equally effective. However, sometimes doctors and the producers of medicines are trying to keep cheaper drugs confidential, because of their intention to fight for a profit.

In this article, we will present you a very cheap medication, an alkaline ionized water, which is equally effective as many other drugs. By drinking alkaline ionized water you’ll benefit in the decreasing of the free radicals in the organism. This will stop some invasive disease like cancer.

Here we will present you much secret information about the proper technique how to prepare and how to consume alkaline water revealed by an ex-pharmacist.

Health benefits of alkaline ionized water in your organism:

– It is a really powerful antioxidant

– It is purifying the organism of the toxins

– Alkaline water strengthens the immune system

– It is also eliminating the acids.

Actually, the acids make people to feel tired, to have a bad digestion and increase the weight thus the people are more prone to different types of diseases.

All of those negative effects mentioned above can be avoided by consumption of the alkaline ionized water. In order to balance the level of alkaline and the acid in the organism, you should also eat a vegetable. The consumed food determines the pH of the organism and defines the alkalinity in it.

The experts found that around 95 percent of the cancers have been created in environments full of acid, which resulted in the winning of a Nobel Prize by the doctor Otto Warburg. It is confirmed that cancer cannot develop further in a body with an alkaline system (pH equal or bigger than 7.36).

The acids do not relate only to cancer, but also to chronic –osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. In this case, the people need to increase the value of alkaline in the organism in a very fast and natural way.

How the alkaline ionized water should be prepared

Ingredients needed:


– A quarter Ginger root

– ½ Medium cucumber

– Half a cup Mint leaves

Preparation process and use:

1) Wash all the ingredients and then cut them

2) Peele the ginger before that

3) Put all ingredients in a small jar of water and leave it for the night

4) In the morning, after straining the drink consume it before you eat and during the day you should take the rest of the treatment.

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