Robin Williams “Always Required Film Companies To Hire Homeless People” In Order To Book Him


Kindness and humanity are the characteristics of people who are always welcome in the community. Even though society is now to some extent corrupt, evil and false, there will always be people who genuinely care for others and try to make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer such human beings, making them more valuable in the community. One such personality, often mentioned several years after his death, is the good and beloved Robin Williams. Every story about him reminds his pets that the good always goes beyond the bad.

One of those stories about Robin is shared by his fan Brian Lord.

In addition to being a popular actor, comedian, and philanthropist, Lord discovered something that completely changed the way he saw the actor. When one of Williams’ riders required an event organizer to hire a certain number of homeless people, this surprised everyone involved in the project.

Facing the awful demands of Hollywood stars, such a humble and caring request is something Lord never expected.

Explaining the great man’s desire to help those in need Lord emphasizes:

“I’m sure in his time and with his own money he worked with these people who need it, but he also decided to use his entertainment as an entertainer to ensure that production companies and designers also learn.”

He further added that in this way it is worth giving all people a chance to return. This has contributed to the fact that Lord never watched the movie about Robin Williams in the same way as before, so he thanked him publicly. He began to look at Robin Williams not only as a laughing actor but as a good example of a humanist.

Robin Williams, a longtime advocate for the rights of the homeless, supported the Homeless Prevention and Revitalization Act in 1990 before the Senate. He stated that the homeless problem could no longer be denied. In support of this law, he believed that this could work in an incredible way, from a broad level, and that with some investment it could come and truly prevent homelessness.

The other story of the kind actor is from After Life filmmaker Ricky Gervais, who explained the way Williams wanted to make everyone happy. He explains that the comedian spent a good night playing together on the stage, watching new comedians laughing louder than anyone in the audience.


Gervais adds that Robin was able to even make everyone happier, making them laugh.

Numerous stars have shared stories about Williams after his death.

Ben Stiller, for example, wrote a verse about him:

“His kindness and generosity are what I think of. How kind he was to anyone who wanted to connect with him. And he could not help but be funny all the time.

He goes on to point out that Williams always did his best to make fun of the people he lived and worked with. So he made many film crews laugh out loud before the audience could see what they were shooting. It was here that Ben saw his talent, which he possessed immeasurably.

Expressing her gratitude for highlighting the support she received, Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider, understood better the legacy he left behind.

She points out that after his death, all those who loved him were able to find solace in the huge number of his fans and their admiration for him and his works because he touched their lives in some way.

His three children, as well as the joy and happiness he has offered to others, especially those who wage personal battles, are his greatest legacy.


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