Russian Blue Cat Sisters Share Majestic Green Eyes And Silver Fur Coats


Like real-life people, pets are constantly on social media. Some animals are very famous and followed by many visitors, such as the case of feline duo Xafi and Auri who have 122,000 followers on Instagram.

We often hear that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so then these are the two most beautiful souls you have ever seen. These are two Russian “American type” blue cats that charm with their silky silver fur, mysterious smile, beautiful emerald-colored eyes, and distinctive personalities.

They are two beautiful cats that are the stars of every photo. They are immensely elegant, but they also often show their silly appearance, such as sticking their tongues out, either at the camera or at each other.

Xafi and Auri are sisters by blood, but they are different ages. Xafi was born in 2016 in the spring, while Auri later in fall. When they were younger, it was easier to recognize them, however, now that they were adults, they were exactly the same because of their size. Recognizing them now is a big challenge to their Instagram fans – though their owners Anneken and Tim can always set them apart.

They are subtly different, in that the Auri has a rounded face, wider ears, and darker fur, while Xafi has a more angular face with slightly higher ears. Auri also looks a lot more toned and muscular even though they are exactly the same weight – 3.5kg.

They are also different in their personalities. For instance, Xafi loves to cuddle and sit on laps, while Auri likes to steal items and run away, so she is nicknamed the “Klepto-Cat.” Auri loves shredding toilet paper and “attacking blankets and cat beds.”

According to Anneken “Xafi is human-oriented where Auri is independent.” She explains that Auri is athletic where Xafi is clumsy and Xafi is loudly demanding when wanting cuddles whereas Auri asks in a very gentle and quiet way to get a fuss. When it comes to love the owners love them both equally.

The cats have different temperaments. Xafi is a little camera shy, while Auri enjoys the attention and has mastered some impressive poses. It is really challenging for their owners to take pictures, so they are capturing photos of the two together by using treats and toys.


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