Scented Candles Are Posing A Serious Risk To Your Baby’s Health, But They Can’t Tell You

Avoid Using Candles Near Your Babies

There are manufactured a variety of candle types, including tapers, dinner candles, spirals, column, wax-filled containers, tea lights, and novelties. Some of the candles are scented and all come in a wide range of colors. Wax candles contain petroleum wax, animal wax, vegetable wax, or insect wax as the primary fuel. The wax may contain additives for color, fragrance, stability, or to modify the burning characteristics.

According to the scientific literature review, when burning candles and incense they can the various contaminants, which can have potential health effects associated with exposure to them.

For example, burning candles with lead core wicks may result in indoor air concentrations of lead above EPA-recommended thresholds. The people exposed to incense smoke can be linked to several illnesses. It is well-known that certain brands of incense contain chemicals suspected of causing skin irritation.


• The finding of one study showed the worst-case scenario concentrations of acrolein, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde from candle emissions exceeding EPA-recommended thresholds.

• The scientific literature showed that zinc and tin were found not to be emitted at concentrations that would raise concerns

• Burning candles with the lead core wicks can result in indoor air concentrations of lead above EPA-recommended thresholds.

• Sooting can occur when combustion conditions are impaired when burning candles. Producing of the soot is more common when burning scented candles.

Scented candles are used for enhancing the decor, setting the ambiance for a bath, filling the space with fragrances, and so much more. However, instead of lighting one up every time the opportunity arises, you should stop and think twice next time you decide to do so after reading this article.

We would like to present you here the bad experience of Meghan Budden, who, unfortunately, learned about the dangers of scented candles the scary way. She noticed black dots in her infant son Jimmy’s nostrils while she was nursing him. Even after many attempts to clean them, the dark dots remained.

In the attempt to find what the reason for this condition was, she came to the idea that it can be as a result of burning two scented candles the previous night for about six hours. She then took a look at the packaging and found a print warning: “Do not burn more than three hours at a time.”

That was enough for Meghan to realize that those dots on her son were caused by candles, as a result of produced soot in the room in which Jimmy was in.

The particles released from the candles are very tiny and go unnoticeable, so it’s very easy to inhale them in. When the toxins are inhaled, they can cause illnesses, but can also lead to other serious health complications, such as damage of the lung and central nervous system, damage to the brain, as well as cause developmental difficulties.

The medical statistics of Cashins & Associates shows that there are around 20,000 premature deaths in America each year, recognized as soot.

For that reason experts recommend:

– Trimming candle wicks regularly

– Lighting candles short period of time to prevent soot from forming.

With gratitude, Meghan’s quick thinking saved her son’s further complication and he is now healthy.

Glory to Meghan, who is warning other moms about the potential dangers of burning scented candles indoors, especially to keep away their young children.


Incense produces a particulate substance that can deposit in the respiratory tract. It actually elevates airborne concentrations of carbon monoxide and benzene and contains trace amounts of chemicals suspected of causing skin irritation.

The people who are exposed to incense has been linked to several illnesses, due to the Incense smoke, which could be considered a source of indoor pollutants.

However, the studies mentioned in the article measured emissions for only a limited number of incense types and brands. As there is large range of incense manufacturers and importers on the market, some incense types could differ in the parameters examined and can be safer for use, so it is always recommended to read the labels on the candles.

Please, share this warning with anyone you know that uses scented candles, as it could save their and their children’s lives!





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