Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day


Americans, on a survey done in 2008 by the Decision Analyst, showed that they believe oatmeal is one of the top four most beneficial food to health.

On another survey from Clinical Nutrition, 97% of nutritionists thought that oatmeal is healthy.

However, not many people know exactly what health benefits oatmeal can offer by its consumption. Here are just some of the things that oatmeal can do for you:
  • Helps with digestion

Experts proved that oatmeal can be beneficial to the digestive system and help with gastrointestinal problems. It can also make the body feel full, which by feeling full you give your body more time to digest

  • Feel more energetic

It is a great source of calories due to its protein-rich carbohydrate. It also causes a slow rise in glycemic, due to it being a low glycemic, which allows a more effective fat-burning.

  • Losing weight

Because of the compound known as beta-glucan, oatmeal can be beneficial to losing weight. The beta-glucan can increase cholecystokinin which is a hormone that reduces your appetite.

  • Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Having high amounts of fiber, the sugar is being released slower in the bloodstream, which means that the oatmeal has a low glycemic index. This can lower the danger of vascular problems in diabetes and show optimistic results in insulin levels, lipid profiles, and glycemic control.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Oatmeal also contains calcium and potassium and is a soluble fiber. These factors are linked to great heart health and the lowering of blood pressure. It is also linked with a decreased risk of coronary heart disease.

  • Decreases risk of cancer

A study from Harvard proved that high oatmeal intake can decrease the risk of cancer. The study that included people that ate 70 grams of whole grains showed that it can lower the risk of dying of cancer by 20 percent.

There are many different brands and types of oatmeal, and most types have similar benefits.

When purchasing oatmeal watch to the organic oatmeal whenever possible.

Most common types of oatmeal are oat groats, steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and instant oats, and the main difference between them is the texture, preparation time, and flavor. Instant oats have generally less protein and fiber.

Additionally, make sure you check the nutrition facts of the oatmeal. Many brands can have natural nutritional value stripped away by being processed out.

There are many ways to prepare oats, and almost all of them are simple.

One of the best and tastiest ways to eat your oats is by making granola bars, with either yogurt or smoothie as a topping, and you can add cookie ingredient, bread, or muffins.

There are many ways to get creative with oatmeal, so don’t be afraid and experiment with the flavors!



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