Science Says It’s Totally Fine to Have Babies After 35


The medical term for women who conceive after the age of 35 is called an “advanced maternal age”. But if you are unaware of the term, you might have heard it is risky to have a baby if you wait for too long.

Women now are waiting for a certain age to create a family, and they do it for many reasons.  Motherhood is sacred for many women as they need to feel ready and secure to raise a child. For those who are planning to start a family, the financial status, descend home, and healthy relationship are the most important accomplishments. And it takes time to build them all.

Being pregnant over the age of 35 is considered to be risky. But, it doesn’t mean that something magical happens after you turn 35 and everything was alight at 34.

Now scientists claim that giving birth after the age of 35 can be beneficial. Therefore, healthy women shouldn’t feel obscure if their decision to have a baby is at 35.

So far, things have drastically changed since the 1970s. As medicine has improved, birth rates for women in the 35 to 39 age group have skyrocketed. According to The National Center for Health Statistics, women in their 30’s and 40’s are generally healthy and can conceive. Additionally, they claim that this is now the fastest-growing group of women who are deciding to have a baby.

Media now shows more and more women conceiving a child after the age of 35. Recently, Carrie Underwood announced she’s having a child at the age of 35 and Halle Berry had her first child at 41. She conceived her second child at the age of 47. Another example is the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markel, who announced her pregnancy at the age of 37.

Nonetheless, having a baby at any age can be overwhelming and a little scary. Todays’ medicine allows women to choose whenever they are ready to have a baby and it is not unusual to conceive in the late 30s.

Many studies have been established throughout the years on this topic. One study in the New England Centenarian established that having a child later in life can expand the lifespan. An additional research paper called Feeling Old vs. Being Old suggests that if a woman decides to have a baby when she’s older, it can make her life happier and healthier.

A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society explains that raising a baby helps the brain activate even more. Teaching your newborn and watching them learn, improves your mental reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills, keeping your brain bright.

Therefore, try not to stress if you aren’t accomplished as a mother yet. If you are in the ‘advanced maternal age’, have hope and make your dreams come true.

As scientists suggest, having a baby later in life is doable and can benefit yours and your partners’ life. Always remember to take care of your body and health and if you decide to have a baby after 35, it is you who chooses.


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