Scientists Explain How Trees Talk Through Ancient ‘Otherworld’ Network


Nowadays more than ever, foresters, ecologists, scientists, and naturalists are pointing out that trees speak for real and that people should try to learn how to listen to that language.

Many individuals are grappling with this notion because they can’t see that trees are interconnected.

The first step towards hearing the trees around us speak is realizing that nature is actually one big network.

This notion, again, would probably seem quite vague and abstract to the point of absurdity to the average global citizen, living far from the forest.

Scientists and explorers are now officially confirming that the forests around us are behaving like a single massive global super-organism with amazing communication skills.

There are fungal highways that connect all the trees on planet Earth below the field. That’s how the oldest trees actually grow their young, right through this particular highway. Furthermore, the trees interact with other animals and collaborate in this big super-organism.

So it’s fair to say that even though some assume that there is this fierce comparison between animals and nature, they actually support each other.

Here’s how the fungal highway we talked about earlier – which is called mycorrhiza – works: The fungi fulfill all the needs of the trees in return for sugars and carbon. They give them nutrients, minerals, and a communication network.

This process is actually similar to an internet connection, if you know how that works. Basically, the mycorrhizal network either way goes all over the forest, it’s already there. The fungal strings that go by the name of hyphae create the highway and merge with the roots of the trees.

Once this process is done, the trees can send out, as well as receive items such as the following ones:

  • chemicals
  • hormones
  • phosphorous
  • defense signals
  • carbon
  • water
  • nitrogen
  • sugars

The most amazing thing is that a single tree can connect to 100s other trees by simply sending out their unique signals.



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