Set Your Alarm: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon to Line Up 3 Nights This Week in Rare Event


In the current situation where more than 200 countries are facing the challenges of coronavirus and taking many measures to prevent its spread and reduce casualties, there is also a bright light that is happening in the atmosphere. Specifically, the effects of the closure due to the Coronavirus caused a massive reduction in air pollution levels, so stars are now easier to see and the air seems fresher!

Along with the recent giant pink supermoon, people could spot many stars in the sky without telescopes or binoculars. But something that catches the attention of space lovers is the big event that is expected over the course of 3 days from April 14 to April 16, 2020. During this period, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon can be seen from the earth in one order, which is a very rare occurrence.

People can easily spot these three planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars) in the morning, but during this period they will position themselves in a single row, so when you see the moon, keep an eye on those three planets that are near it.

It is important that you are lucky enough and that your time is right and you will be delighted to see all 4 astronomical bodies together!

Even if you fail to see all 4 together, do not despair, because you will see three planets – Mars, Saturn and Jupiter together. It is necessary to look for information in various applications in order to find the correct location. Don’t miss this event, because next time it will be, according to NASA, in two years (mid-2022).

Watch video:

We are sure that watching the planets you will not miss Venus, because it is the brightest.

What can be concluded for this turbulent time in which we currently live is that the silver lining is less polluted than before, and the sky clearer. That’s why we sincerely recommend that you take this opportunity and enjoy the “cosmos cruise” and don’t miss these rare events from your home without the need for a telescope or binoculars!


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