72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins

72 Simple Uses of 7 Household Products

The store-bought household products can be replaced by the versatile everyday natural products that can be found in all grocery stores.

These products like lemon juice, white vinegar, castor oil, castile soap, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and baking soda can be found at low cost and will keep you and your family healthier. You can add them some drops of essentials oils like lavender, orange, cinnamon, or rose for even more benefits!

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Here you can find the uses of all 7 household products, which can be used in your home, for personal care, and dietary/medicinal purposes:

1. Lemon Juice

a) Home

· Clean glass & mirrors

· Brighten your whites

· Disinfect your cutting board

· Brighten your toilet

b) Personal Care

· Remove sunspots

· Highlight your hair

· Reduce wrinkles

· Shrink your pores

c) Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

· Detox

· Improve digestion

· Sooth a sore throat

· strengthen immunity

2. Coconut Oil

a) Home

· Polish wood furniture

· Replace WO-4O

· Remove shower scum

b) Personal  Care

· Hair serum

· Up gloss

· Deodorant

· Prevent wrinkles

c)  Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

· Improve thyroid function

· Reduce migraines

3. Apple cider vinegar

a) Home

– Repel fleas

– Clean your microwave

– Deodorize laundry

b) Personal   Carel

– Sooth Sunburns

– Wash your hair

– Treat acne

– Aftershave

c) Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

Weight lose/Detox

– Control high blood pressure

– Cure yeast infections

– Prevent a cold

4. White vinegar

a) Home

– Polish silver

– Clean windows

– Neutralize Odors

– Unclog your drain

b) Personal   Carel

– Cure an upset stomach

– Sooth a bee sting

– Condition your hair

c) Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

– Tenderize meat

-Boil better eggs

– Eliminate garlic odor

– Keep veggies fresh

5. Baking soda

a) Home

– Put our fires

– Scrub toilets and tubs

– Clean your oven or grill

b) Personal  Care

· Deodorant

· Toothpaste

· Relieve diaper rash

· Treat heartburn

c) Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

· Leavening agent

· Make flutter omelets

· Crisper chicken

6. Castle soap

a) Home

– All-purpose cleaner

– Dish soap

– Mop floors with it

b) Personal Care

– Body wash

– Pet shampoo

– Toothpaste

– Prevent eczema

c)  Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

– Treat eczema and psoriasis

– Cure acne

7. Castor Oil

a) Home

– Discourage rodents

– Lubricate kitchen scissors

– Restore health of your plants

b) Personal Care

· Strengthen eyelashes

· Relieve cracked heels

· Soften cuticles

c) Dietary/ Medicinal purposes

· Treat dry itchy skin

· LaxatiVe

· Induce labor

· Relieve menstrual cramping






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