Someone In Bulgaria Is Putting Googly Eyes On Broken Street Objects, And It’s Even Better Than Fixing Things


Eyebombing is the type of art where you stick googly eyes on anything you can see. These googly-eyed-objects will make almost anyone laugh. They’re meant to make people smile and nothing more than that.

This trend has officially reached Bulgaria due to the street artist called Vanyu Krastev. His amazing work can be clearly “seen” throughout his city with the many destroyed objects. You can find the googly eyes added to lamp posts, trees, trash cans, sidewalk strains, and many other objects that caught Krastev’s eye. This artist proved that even the most basic and ordinary things can make a change and intrigue the objects. By using just two googly eyes and a little bit of imagination, he created amazing artsy photographs. Here are just some of the photographs that this artist created. Make sure you share which one’s your favorite!


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