Strong Women Are Not Born, They Are Created by the Storms They Survive


Women, but also all men, must be prepared and strong not to let life’s hardships overwhelm and discourage them. Those who are weaker may relent and surrender to the difficulty of overcoming them, but some women even emerge stronger and wiser, and like the phoenix, they are reborn from the ashes. By experiencing hardships, they learn from their past mistakes and, when faced with a variety of challenges, become better, wiser and a stronger version of themselves.

They are adorned with the epitome of a strong, independent human being. They can serve as an inspiration to others, selflessly give them hope and strength and motivate them to move on through life. Most importantly, people believe in themselves, which will help them overcome any difficulties they face.

Here we list 7 admirable traits that define a strong woman:

  1. Believe in themselves

Strong women are individuals who know exactly what they want in their life and what they want to achieve. They let their inner voice guide them through life, resulting in the right choice of path.

  1. Strong women know their worth

Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, strong women are aware of their capabilities and their limitations. This allows them to never worry when comparing themselves to someone else. These do not classify them as perfect personalities, but they are unique.

  1. Wear their pain like armor

Having endured many hardships in their lives, they become strong and courageous warriors and do not let life’s challenges overwhelm them. They are ready to learn from their mistakes and use those experiences to move on. By mastering their failures, they take their biggest steps in their lives.

  1. Aren’t afraid of their emotions

By showing their vulnerable side, they, without fear, are letting everyone know that it can happen to anyone and that they are people, after all. The difficulties that drive them out of their life path, they strongly reject, resolve them safely and continue with their heads raised further.

  1. Aren’t hungry for attention, but they seek respect

They are such personalities that they never ask anyone for anything. Their main preoccupation is to be respected without explaining to others why it is important to them. They are always ready and simply walk away from people who do not show them respect.

  1. Strong women have a heart full of forgiveness

They do not pay much attention to revenge and do not want to waste time on it. Their pure souls are filled with love and full of forgiveness. Negatives are something that they do not bother with and instead, they choose to forgive others. They are aware that everyone is making mistakes and that the only way to learn from them is to have the opportunity to try again and correct them.

  1. They tell the truth, no matter how harsh it is

For them, honesty is the best policy and they have hearts filled with pure intentions. So instead of comforting someone with a sweet lie, they would rather hurt someone’s feelings by telling the truth.


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