Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Spend Their Time with Idiots


Strong women are those who can stand up for themselves and who don’t need to hide behind their husbands’ back.

When strong women have problems, they deal with them and don’t play a victim.  They are independent and do not need a man to give them peace and stability in their life. 

Being a strong woman is not easy, as she is determined to cope with all challenges in her life alone, and depend on its own only.

Power of Positivity maintains:
Strong women know more than anything else that taking care of themselves is a must, and do not look upon anyone else to swoop in and save the day for them. They have been battle-tested and learned what independence truly means.”

Any strong woman you meet had to fend for themselves at a young age, not allowing one mistake or misfortune to hold her down.

Additionally, a strong woman doesn’t seek out a partner to get anything out of them. The strong woman seeks someone to add value to her life. She wants someone who will lift her, not drag her down and also wish to add meaning to someone else’s life. When it comes to love a strong woman would never take more than she’s willing to give.

Strong women are only interested in positive, uplifting persons because they’ve been through a lot in their own lives and don’t want persons who will drag their back into the dirt.  They are always tackling problems with their partners, but won’t tolerate constant complaining and toxic behavior.

A toxic relationship is something that no one should tolerate because it is unhealthy relationships, which destroys the life of the couple. Unhealthy relationships are causing only sadness and pain. In such a case the right solution is to leave that union, as the partners are just delaying peacefulness and happiness they can get when they leave each other.

Love means to devote your time and energy to someone who deserves it. For those who haven’t found their love yet, is recommended to find greater happiness as an individual.  It doesn’t mean to stop dating, but you will be completely happy as a single as well.

Wasting the energy on relationships that will only hurt is not specific for strong women, as they are well aware of the fact that being alone is exponentially better than being part of an unhealthy relationship.

The experts recommend to feel free to be whom you want to be and everyone can decide to stay alone because it has nothing to do with feeling lonely. It is always better to develop into the person of your dreams before you start working on a loving relationship with someone.

Follow the Buddha’s words:
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

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